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We are nature lovers. we dream we discover we explore. all our events are Eco- friendly. we believe in making the things successful by team work. join us and make the Success because we cant spell s_cess without "U" . Lets escape completely...Beyond boundaries with pug mark battalion . GO WILD ! GO GREEN !

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Want to stay away from the city chaos being in the city itelf !!  Wild Rangers presents an ideal trail for beginner trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts to Mumbai’s Highest Point "Jambulmal" !! Witness a panoramic view of your very own city from a peaceful place surrounded by nature - Mumbai’s Highest…
24.09.2017 07:00
Borivali, Mumbai, India
Are you looking for a unique trek experience filled with adventure??? Let’s get ready to spend your weekend in amidst of natural beauty with thrilling steep climb on a high rock cut staircase with almost 80 degree angle which leads you to prism shaped fort. Will be definitely one kind of experience …
17.09.2017 03:00
kasara, Mumbai, India
Rangers, Its time to enter into the wild again. A One day Jungle trek to Andharban with Wild Rangers.  “Andharban”, the word itself means dense dark forest. Andharban is one of the most beautiful trek in Sahyadris. This forest is so dense that the sun rays find it difficult to reach the ground. The…
30.09.2017 23:00
dadar, Mumbai, India
  The King's place "Kille Raigad" A symbol of excellence, an example of empire, signs of a history & journey of a victory. Let's relive the stories as the Fort recites them to us.     Raigad is a fortified hill fortress situated in the modern day near Mahad, Raigad district of Maharashtra,…
23.09.2017 23:00
dadar, Mumbai, India
Kaas awaits you with carpets of flowers in different colors variants, rains and magical mists that cover the landscape at a moment and cool breeze that rub it away to reveal marvelous dazzle of colors spread out on the huge plateau.   Lets witness this beauty with Wild Rangers !!   Batch I - 16t…
30.09.2017 23:00
satara, satara, India
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