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Wild Rangers
Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it's a small price to pay for living a dream.... ~ Peter McWilliams

To find the undiscovered pleasure in India, to bring people more closer to nature and its beauty, to make them realize the power or nature and Mother Earth :) 
What ever we are is only because of her..!!!
We came from different paths
We all are from differnt walks.
But now as the Wild Rangers,
We tread these roads together!!

We climb high as the mountains go,
We even cross the mighty rivers flow
Rangers overcome every problem we see
We can be wild as one can be

Mischief, fun, bruises, adventure
All these excitements jointly we venture
Bonded hard in this bond together
This amazing journey, will continue forever

We are Wild Rangers, true nature lovers. We like to explore nature without harming it. To exlplore Mountains in Sahyadris n Wild Life in Maharashtra r our primary goal.
And we are aming for raging Himalayas in very near future...
My Events
Hello Rangers… We at Wild Rangers arranged trek to Mahuli on 1 July 2012.Brief Information about Mahuli:- Region: Thane District Height: 2815 ft. Type: Hill Fort Grade: Medium Mode of Transport: Public TransportBrief details Mahuli: The known history of this fort dates back to 15th century when thi…
01.07.2012 09:00
Mahuli, Mumbai, India
Hello Rangers… We at Wild Rangers arranged trek to Duke’s Nose on 24 June 2012. Brief Information about Dukes Nose:- Region: Lonavala Type: Peak Grade: Easy Mode of Transport: Public Transport Duke's Nose is also known as Nagphani or Cobra's Hood. As you climb the Khandala Ghat, Duke's Nose looks …
24.06.2012 09:30
Dukes Nose, Mumbai, India
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