Details Scorching sun is not letting you to go on the treks. You must be waiting for the rain , so that you can start your pilgrimage to the forts in Sahyadri. Still there are forts which could be best explored in this season. The Shirgao fort, steeped

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weekend trekking group

Weekend trekking group , Mumbai.

Our aim is narrow,  – unforgettable hiking weekends around  Mumbai.We offer  broad range of trekking and hiking experience in   breathtaking Sahyadri and Himalaya. Its not just about summit but enjoying the journey.  We always hire local guide , eat local food , never choose trek that require technical support.

We will be pleased to help in planing your own treks!!!

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Nanda devi National park is one of the most spectacular wildernesses area in Himalaya with very few parallel in the world. It is also a world heritage site with unique topography and climate that support diverse wildlife. Join for only camping opportunity that allows you to venture close to The Nand…
17.05.2018 06:00
Uttarakhand, Mumbai, India
“Mhasa Fair”. is one of the most important cattle fair in India,held on Paush   Purnima (Full Moon) . Its history could be tracked back to ancient trade route to Junnar. Yatra is held over a sprawl of 1.5 to 2 kms surrounding the temple in Mhasa village. It is very interesting fair where you can enj…
06.01.2018 15:00
Mhasa, kalyan, India
Tansa lake is an serene place for solitude seekers. Weekend Trekking Group is pleased to offer this unique camping opportunity at Tansa wildlife sanctuary. Due to rules of forest and we are allowing only 12 participant for this camp. So hurry up and book your seat !!!We will also enjoy delicious tri…
09.12.2017 14:00
Mumbai, Mumbai, India
Do join us for this most awaited and beautiful trek of the season!!!!We will walk through beautiful Karvi bloom , and straight in to the clouds!!! CONTACT- ABHISHEK- 9029162721, 9029942903,9969492712 Fees- 320   Itinerary:8.00 am: Meeting point at panvel St Bus Depot .Dodhani base village by tumtum …
19.11.2017 08:00
Mumbai, Mumbai, India
As monsoon recedes and winter slowly sets in, camping season begins in Sahyadri !!! Join us for our first winter camping by the wild river and waterfall. We will also enjoy delicious tribal food and elaborate bbq . Basic dorm and washrooms are available at camping siteYou can also drive to the camp…
04.10.2017 16:00
Mahuli, Mumbai, India
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