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Parin H Shah

I have been trekking since 2005 and have completed around 200 treks. I also organise trekking and related adventure activities - check out my FB Page (www.facebook.com/ParvatBuddies). I also like to write about my trekking experiences. You can check my trek blog (www.trekparin.blogspot.in)

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Dear Buddies, As you know, PARVAT BUDDIES was started in 2014 to bring together like-minded people who enjoy the outdoors. Over the last few years, all of us have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our mountainside treks in the Western Ghats. Your constant support and trust has always motivated us to g…
10.05.2018 15:00
Manali, Manali, India
From trekparin
PARVAT BUDDIES: SoBo Full Night Cycling 10th-11th Mar 2018 (Saturday-Sunday).   Hello there! When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Thinking of taking up bicycling once again? Well, bicycling is one of the best cardio exercises with several health benefits. It is also an environment friendly a…
10.03.2018 22:30
Mumbai, Mumbai, India
From trekparin
PARVAT BUDDIES: Night Trek to Kohoj Fort on 3rd-4th Feb 2018.Some Info about the place:KOHOJ FORT (545m/1790ft) is an ancient fort situated to the north of Mumbai in the Thane district. It is one of the few forts in the Palghar region which still boasts of some historic remnants. Though, not much hi…
03.02.2018 21:30
Kohoj, Mumbai, India
From trekparin
PARVAT BUDDIES: Beach Cycling on 25th Feb 2018 (Sunday).Hello there! Are you looking to take a breather from the monotonous city life? Worry not! We have a perfect solution to make your weekend a bit exciting. Let us take you away from the buzz of the city as we cycle through some quaint villages si…
25.02.2018 13:00
Mumbai, Mumbai, India
From trekparin
PARVAT BUDDIES:  Republic Day Special: Trek to Mora-Mulher-Salher on 26th & 27th Jan 2018.This republic weekend, we are glad to announce twin treks in the Baglan region of the Sahyadri. Some Info about the Mountains:The northern part of Sahyadris, situated on the border of Gujarat & Maharas…
25.01.2018 23:00
Baglan, Mumbai, India
From trekparin
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