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amruta palande

TrekOn.. Is a group of some nature lover people. It is established by Me Amruta Palande and my husband Ashish Palande at 2008.

Since 2008 TrekOn.. has done many numbers of events, like trek and adventure activities at different beautiful places.

We have a big support of some excellent and expert people which are known as outdoor experts (OE).They are the backbone of TrekOn.. group.

We are aware of this field from our childhood and we enjoy our nature’s beauty with our work, but other so many people are quiet Busy with their city life and daily schedule. For those people we established TrekOn..

We keep events on weekend or holydays or as per the request from your side. Our event is full of joy.

What is our event??

Our event contains treks and adventure activities. Trek is simple way to get relax and feel the nature and adventure activities are courageous and thrilling to get a joy from nature. Each and every person should feel this kind of things in their life, only they will get some beautiful memories and that is our intension…

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