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ramblers India
Welcome to the trekkers community

To a perfectly crazed group filled with wanderlust. We hope you will find a home amongst are many nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, trekkers, expat travelers and although we may seem exceedingly diverse in our interest. One thing that unites us is our desire to socially interact with like minded individuals, such as you.

So, we welcome you to join us on many adventures, whether it be treading through the countryside or climbing a high peak, it will surely fill your diary with wonderful memories.

We are Ramblers to the core. We breathe fresh air and walk where the wind takes us. It is what binds us and sets us free from our mundane life.

My Events
Monsoon trek at famous Matheran hill station, Asia's only vehicle-free hill station with many points across the hill. We will be ascending from Ambewadi towards One Tree Hill point & hike towards Dasturi +91 9137425730 for any inquiryDifficulty Level: MODERATE, Highest Elevation: 80…
01.09.2018 09:30
matheran, mumbai, India
From ramblers
This is one the beautiful least known treks in Monsoon as well as pass through rivulet. Apart from that this is historical place related to Mythology with Valmiki Ashram.Please note this trek doesn't involve reaching to the top of the Ajoba peak.Grade: EASY. Highest elevation: 848m, Total distance: …
15.08.2018 08:30
ajoba, mumbai, India
From ramblers
trek to the highest point of the financial capital of india accessible through Sanjay Gandhi National Park. A trek pass through the bambooo hut trail, river stream, rocky hill slopes and also on the way we pass through Ashok van filled with dense groove of sita-ashik trees. If there is no cloud cove…
15.08.2018 08:00
mumbai, mumbai, India
From ramblers
Andharban is one of the most famous trails in Pune - Konkan region. The trail is a descend trek that starts from Pimpri which ends at Bhira dam.After crossing three river streams, the trail passes through different terrains by giving us an experience of flora into the wilderness with some breathtaki…
18.08.2018 23:00
andharban, mumbai, India
From ramblers
Garbett Plateau is one of the most beautiful treks in Matheran, From here we could see matheran ranges on one end and other end the dhom lake surround by green lush landscape. To ease the participation we are doing a descend trek starting from Matheran and descend towards Bhivpuri. The trail also pa…
22.07.2018 09:00
garbett plateau, mumbai, India
From ramblers
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