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ramblers India
Welcome to the trekkers community

To a perfectly crazed group filled with wanderlust. We hope you will find a home amongst are many nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, trekkers, expat travelers and although we may seem exceedingly diverse in our interest. One thing that unites us is our desire to socially interact with like minded individuals, such as you.

So, we welcome you to join us on many adventures, whether it be treading through the countryside or climbing a high peak, it will surely fill your diary with wonderful memories.

We are Ramblers to the core. We breathe fresh air and walk where the wind takes us. It is what binds us and sets us free from our mundane life.

My Events
Experience another aquatic world where you can touch the coral reef at Konkan coast in Malvan in Scuba diving, Sindhudurg district known for Aquatic sports. Even non-swimmer can easily take part in this scuba diving event as you are accompanied by professional diver. Not just scuba diving we also ha…
01.03.2018 22:00
malvan, mumbai, India
From ramblers
Salher fort is the highest fort in Maharashtra and the second highest peak in Maharasthra.Offbeat trek to Mulher and Mora forts with a visit to ancient Siva Mandir which is an architecture Marvel in this trail.With that said it also includes camping in tents at a salherwadi with campfireDifficulty: …
23.02.2018 23:00
salher, mumbai, India
From ramblers
An easy level back to back treks to two of the famous forts adjoining the pavana lake in lonavala region in a single day. Even beginners can take part in this trek though the climb at Tung fort is steep at few patches. Activity I: Trek to Tung fort (Grade - Easy, Elevation - 1075m)Tung fort was used…
17.02.2018 23:30
tikona, mumbai, India
From ramblers
¬†Sandhan Valley is one of the unique beautiful treks in our country that has a 4 km long stretch of crevice, the gorge reaches to a depth of more than 200 feet.The trail is descend trek from the starting point through rocks, pass through more than 3 feet of chilling water and three rappelling patche…
17.02.2018 01:30
sandhan valley, mumbai, India
From ramblers
n short known as AMK, one of the most sought challenging treks in Sahayadris which is a dream for trekkers to do it once in their life time. Experience a range trek of climbing 3 mountains in 2 days that gives you an adrenaline rush experience while climbing/ rappelling Madang as well as rappelling …
10.02.2018 03:00
kasara, mumbai, India
From ramblers
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