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It all started in July 2009, when few college friends visited NANEGHAT in monsoon as our first trek. The green experience was really awesome and we planned many treks since then. We used to gather information on routes and places to see for a particular trek. As we keep on looking for additional information, we came to know about fascinating and glorious history of these iconic places. Remember, maximum treks in Maharashtra are either forts or covered by forts in Sahyadri range.

Someone asked us, what do you do exactly? Just go up and come down.

 This really triggered our thoughts, as by this time we have got many fellow trekkers who shared same interest and passion and group was also named as BHRAMAR.


These places are mostly forts or watch towers. Maratha Empire has glorious history associated to majority of these forts. The first king to understand the importance of these great forts was none other than King Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj. Each of these forts have mysterious past which is sometimes known or unknown. People know very few famous forts and Rest are still unexplored.

If we look at foreign monuments, you will find that old palaces and fortresses are well preserved and their history is well documented. In India, Only those places are well known where battles are fought and history and importance of the rest is Unknown to all .And we got our answer as what we can do differently.

We decided that those who come with us, should experience much more than mere nature.


We at Bhramar, make your trek experience very unique as you gain much more knowledge about these places which you just visit as trek. This makes you rich in experience.


This is Bhramar’s small try to create awareness in fellow and amateur trekkers about the forts in Maharashtra, many of which are still isolated. We take help of various historians to make your trek much more meaningful.


Now the picture is changing and many youths are working on fort restorations which is really a need of time.

We want to create awareness about the importance about these great iconic structures and their glorious past.

Bhramar has also published few books on various ancient forts which are not on many trekkers map. We will also planning to make such information available on internet via blogs so maximum awareness can be created.

We organize monthly treks to various forts/places for all age groups.


Do join us and make your experience with nature more richer. Experience the trek, experience the history.

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