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yatri sahyadri

Yatrisahyadri was ESTD in the year 2004.Initially this group was formed by individuals who love trekking and travelling to different places however as months passed by Yatrisahyadri had a lot of trekkers joining in for the various treks that were organised.The members have a vast knowledge about the Sahyadri Ranges and every trek is unique.After almost every trek the participants were curious to know when the next trek was.Yatrisahyadri is growing in numbers by the trek and has a reputation to visit one of the most beautiful places in M aharashtra. Yatrisahyadri is an eco-friendly group and makes sure that the enviorment is not harmed in anyways whilst the bunch is trekking.Alcohol,cigarettes* and consumption of drugs are stictly prohibited while trekking.
Although primarily we are a Hiking group,very soon we would also be adding other adventure and hobby sports like Cycling,Angling a.k.a Fishing to the bouquet of things that we plan to organise.

Our Aim is:-
" To build a strong,vibrant,energetic and excited group where the members have fun away from the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps amongst one of the most beautiful creation of God which is called Nature with like minded people "
Cheers!!!!!!! To this Fantabulous (combo of Fantastic and Fabulous) Trekking Group.......The one and only "Yatrisahyadri"

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