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Divakar Satam

Most of the people love to spend their time with nature. This site I dedicate to all my nature loving friends. This site will take you more close to the nature & in the past history of Shivaji Maharaj.
This site also encourages those people who are very much close to our Indian culture. The village at the footsteps of the giant mountain follows the true Indian culture even today. To reach our history we should trek the giant mountain & the history will lie in front of you. On referring this site one can easily locate his destination. This site also provides routes; history of forts, precaution, maps, and images etc. precautions must be taken while selecting a route for which images can provide better help. Though trekking seems to be entertaining & adventurous, it sometimes could be dangerous. Adventure where the fear lies, the death ends & the guts arises. People who love to hangout for picnic can never trek but the people who love to challenge the nature can reach the Indian history which is hidden on the mountains. This is a site where user can view about the information regarding it, the preventive measures, care to be taken and the symptoms of the same. So join us & get into the search of our lost history & forgotten culture

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