General Info
Full Name
Dr.Suraj Dhirwani

I am an Unique INDIAN, Heterosexual Male, with a keen sense of world, constantly looking for a challenge that helps me grow...

I am a JOAMON, Jack of All trades from Technology to Philosophy...
Strongly rooted to my Principles & Values which makes me seem slight eccentric at times ... but for those who feel I am Crazy...Well..

I Maybe Crazy but I am Not Stupid...

I am not Reality is just different than yours...

I am a 3rd generation Doctor & a 2nd generation Homoeopath, by choice, love & passion.

Amongst other things, I am also an avid nature lover, trekker, animal rights campaigner, poet & writer.

My knowledge & enthusiasm of all things regarding technology & gadgets preceed him overshadowed only by my love for Homoeopathy.

Founding partner of many groups / organizations:

Sunshine Homeopathy Clinic - with 3 branches in Mumbai

Team TechnoMedikss, Homeopathy Army & Knowledge Junction.