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Sandip Ghare
Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai)

A group of boys driven by there passion to see the unseen.....AND the journey started with a few baby steps and then a full grown up walk. It felt like never before. They wanted to share the joy with the world and tell them "no longer be scared to journey" for it is in the abyss that lies the charm of nature. This thought became the fountainhead of "Mountain Mavalas"

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“There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey”. Great things are achieved by surpassing milestones, milestones are achieved by surpassing small distances, & the journey of this quest for greatness begins with the first step”.

National Youth Organisation under whom we operate is one of the pioneers in sports promotion activity. To name one of the notable achievements NYO was instrumental in conducting & organizing the cycling event of Vinod Punamia from Pune to Dombivli in his endeavour to beat the “Deccan Queen Express”. Apart from these NYO has a fully operational Gym, a wooden Badminton Court, multipurpose halls – used for yoga, and also conducts badminton coaching classes, apart from hosting various inter-school competitions.

Following Are Founder Members of this Group: -

1. Amol Ghare: -
2. Shailesh Vaidya: -
3. Vijay Patil: -
4. Vijay Ghodke: -
5. Vipul Kotwal: -
6. Vaibhav Rane: -
7. Anup Thorat: -
8. Sushil Pawar: -
9. Ninad Achrekar: -
10. Juilee Ashtaputre: -
11. Sandip Ghare: -

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