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Yamini Mande

We are a creators and explorers. We design & curate special travel experiences including Treks, Road Trips, Bike Rides, Adventure Tours & much more! across India.

Traveler’s Tribe takes you to exotic destinations across India and elsewhere  alongside our team of avid travellers, riders, mountaineers, travel photographers and creators. Our all inclusive tours are a life changing experience, filled with culture, cuisine, incredible photographs and unforgettable memories. We think you’ll enjoy them.

Traveler’s Tribe was created with vision of providing complete experience, We designing tours that we would like to go on!  So before you dive in, we’d like to tell you about our  High Standards, it’s what makes our tours truly unique and is woven into each and every tour we create.

We only go to places where we love the food, culture and the people.

Each of our tours is designed around the “Gold Standard”, which means you’ll meet some of the most interesting people including acclaimed travel photographers, creators, mountaineers, rider and avid travelers , experience the culture through it’s stories this makes our destinations so unique, and capture it all from our favorite locations.

If you’d like to be treated as a friend being shown around to the best and most intimate experiences we’ve created , we think you’ll enjoy our approach. Join the tribe for some of the most memorable treks, adventures and road trips.

Tribe’s Standards


These are the things that we always keep in mind on every expedition.
Our trips are designed with:

  • Maximum time for exploring.

  • Photographers in mind.

    Never miss your golden hour with us!

  • Personal attention to every individual

  • Amazing workshops from

    Astro Photography, Tent Making

    to Drone Flying

  • Special arrangements for photographers

    and non photographers.

  • All medical necessities

    taken care of.