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Vaishali Desai-Moghe

“Kalpaviharr Traaventure” is an organization dedicated to nature and adventurous activities, has committed itself in exploring the possibility of decision making power by introducing outdoor education among the youth of our country. The aim of this organization is to develop in the Youth, integrated personality which will lead to an integrated family of mankind, essential for National Integration and to instill qualities of leadership, all round development of personality and sense of adventure in the Camper by organizing training in physical and military activities. The institution has been conducting the Nature & Adventure Camps regularly since last Twelve years.


Our organization is vigorously, engaged in adventurous activities like camping, trekking, mountaineering, wild life Tours  etc. and to work for the conservation of untamed areas and spread greater awareness on these vital aspects. By doing so, we are not only preserving what we admire but also serving the nation.