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Mumbai Travellers, once started as just a small concept to unite travel lovers from Mumbai, is today the Largest Travel Club in Mumbai and one of the largest in entire India with a family of more than 20,000 happy travellers including our wonderful team 25+ leaders, 3 co-founders and office staff. Since the inception day, our founders had it very clear in mind that we wanted to create a platform to receive & deliver unique experiences to travellers with professionalism and high service quotient. Now we cater 360 degree tourism to everyone, however we were and we will always be keen on serving Travellers over tourists and establishing culture of Travellism over traditional tourism !!

Today, Mumbai Travellers is uniting like-minded travellers to explore real zest of outing. Our motive is reflected in our activities as well. Travellers get variety of activities under one umbrella including thrilling adventure, informative treks, exciting wildlife safaris, nature trails, camping, life on wheels biking-cycling… this list is endless.

Travel is what we live for and we would love to refresh you with nice surprises ! We will keep innovating new outing concepts for all our friends and family members. So cheer up and get ready for the blast !!!

Our activities fall in following categories :

Special Tours : The new generation long tours with some awesome theme like “Jaisalmer Camel & Desert Safari” or festivals like Hemis festival of Ladakh making it worth to travel the right destination at right time and setting a perfect travel mood.

Adventure : Adventurous activities are the most required to strengthen our physical as well as mental capacities and increase our morale, besides thrill and daring. We go adventurous almost every weekend doing scuba diving, Paragliding, waterfall rappelling etc.

Biking-Cycling : Paving the route on wheels of either bike or cycle has its own charm. It builds up our capacities along with giving extremely exciting experience of living the life on wheels.

Camping : Outing with proper plan and booking is done by almost everyone, but we believe in adding more flavors to it. Thus, we get our bags packed and wander wherever we wish – it could be dense forest, beach, valley, mountain top, lake side, etc. Camping at such places truly makes the day!

Leisure : We need refreshing break after working hard on all hectic weekdays. Our absolutely casual and freaky leisure outings assure relaxation to travellers.

Photography : India is blessed with plenty of photogenic and scenic places, unique cultures and biodiversity. We take professional as well as amateur photographers to capture this versatility and beauty through “View Finder”.

Wildlife : Wildlife is the current-hot-favorite in travelling and its experience is always the life time one. Our nature trails, wildlife safaris and bird-watching outing are thrilling, informative, creative and conducted under the guidance of experts.

Treks : Visiting different forts and trekking places in Sahyadris is really thrilling, but our treks are quite different as they are full of enjoyment, information and thoughts. Along with great fun with friends and delicious meals, we also share rich historical and geographical background of the place.

Expeditions : They say once you get the kick of those snowy Himalayan mountains, its difficult to bring you back to ground from those cloud 9s !! And its absolutely true !! Hence we cater some of the most exciting and happening Himalayan expeditions for our those travellers who are always looking for “something extra thrilling”

Social : We owe to the society a lot. To express our gratitude towards the society that we live in and work in, we arrange social outings to spend time with the community on a number of causes.

Off-beat : Can you think about fishing in the deep sea and eating those fishes with rice? We do. Can you imagine tasting fresh wine in wine-yards? That too, we do. We also do more such activities which usually are not done by mango people. It gives tremendous fun and enjoyment & gears up every traveller.

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