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Raj Singh

Hello Friends,
We are a group of friends with similar interests. Primarily Trekking, Camping, Biking, Nature Trails, Photography, Rock Climbing, Rafting & other allied adventure activities with a common spirit, a common approach, under a common name.

Passion + Exposure + Adventure + Knowledge

P.E.A.K TROOPS is an organization which brings the people from different fields under one banner who has the Passion for roaming, who likes to Explore and get Exposed to variety of experience, who loves Adventure and strive to gain Knowledge on History/culture of India.

We provide opportunity to you to interact with variety of people having lots of experience on different aspects of life. Most important of all we are here to cultivate the Passion for Adventure trips in the team who likes to explore but are not having the groups/resources to manage such events. We ensure that we return real value of money and experience people spends with us.

We invite you all to our family. Come on Let’s explore India its Culture, Its diversity. Let’s learn from each other’s experience and make the family a fun filled place, people wants to be with always.

Happy Exploring…!!!

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