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Mumbai Hikers is an independent free  information service not affiliated the trekking groups whose events are mentioned on the various event sites. 

All information posted on the Mumbai Hikers website are designed to provide general information .

Individuals should consult a doctor before beginning any program.

Mumbai Hikers makes no representation as to the suitability of any information on the web site for any purpose, and is not under any obligation to update the information.

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Mumbai hikers is an independent information system where trekking groups (for profit and non profit ) post their events free of cost.

Mumbai hikers is not affiliated with any of the trekking groups listed on either site ( and

This site is self funded by google ads,thus making the site free for trekkers and trekking groups .

History of the foundation of

Mumbai Hikers started in 2005-06 as a small blog. [ this address is no longer part of mumbai hikers after we bought the domain in 2009]

In 2005 one of my friend Mayura wanted to know the list of treks over the next weekend as she wanted to go trekking. As i did not have a list of treks over the weekend (all trekking groups used to have printed schedules and zero online presence ) .I had to really search the net and my emails to find out where people were trekking that weekend .This is when i created a blog( to list all the active trekking clubs in mumbai at that time.

2006 Then as time went by i found out trekking clubs on orkut . I refined their events and listed them for the week . There were 0 followers of the blog.

2008 The blog weekly posts kept growing . The followers grew to 14.Added a social network on ning and various other places orkut, facebook.

2009 Finally found money to register the site and added weekly treks by week and then finally used the google calendar. The followers grew suddenly to more than 150+

2010 Ning became a paid site and could not afford their rate .Ning shut down its social network

2010-2011 Gave the most active trekking groups control of so they can post themselves.
Started to support smaller trekking groups and also because was becoming too crowded with too many events posted .
Started a self hosted social network on (it was becoming too difficult to find trekking information on facebook and also difficult to add authors on blog)

2012 -2015

started the community site. information site as all the info was getting lost in the events on

2013 started online gear and online booking sites 

closed the online booking site in 2015 march 31st

april 2015 becomes a responsive mobile friendly site. other sites were already mobile friendly 

October 2015 mumbaihiker became a paid subscription site as i could not afford the hosting cost and trek leaders offered to contribute . 

I am not a hard core trekker or rock climber

I am a hiker (Definition of a hiker :- A hiker is a person who likes going for a long walks in the countryside for pleasure.)

In 1997 i got a the trekking bug but did not know who to contact. So i used google :).

And found a list on the IMF site listing all the trekking clubs in mumbai.

I sent each of those 20 clubs a hand written letter (yes snail mail). Only one club Sahyadri trekkers borivali  replied.

I went for their first trek and loved it. The family atmosphere. Taking the last train from VT/CST station . Sleeping at karjat station on those chilly rainy days at 3 am . Catching the bus to the base village at 5 am . Sitting in the circle at the top of the mountain and sharing our packed lunch.

2002-2005 We had a small group on msn group called the hikers where people used to post and share trekking information.
Did the 7 day 100km trek with YHAI Malad
In 2003-5 i used to do a few treks with bhramanti and get their treks forwarded to me via email.
2005-2010 I go for several trips and day treks during the monsoon .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Are you trip organizers ?
A1 No we are not trip organisers,Mumbai hikers just lists treks from all the trekking groups,and each trekking group organises treks . You need to contact them (their phone numbers are listed on each trek event)

Q2 where its based, who runs it etc
A its is a site which link adventure minded people to adventure clubs.
its it based online and it is a site which links trekking groups , mumbai hikers do not conduct adventure sport events

Q4 if I am going to trek/travel with a company's team I would like to know the key person there. Thanks..
A You will not be trekking with mumbai hikers .You will be trekking with the trekking orgs who have listed the trek. Please read the disclaimer
Mumbai Hikers is an independent information service not affiliated the trekking groups whose events are mentioned on the blog

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