Location : Kataldhar Waterfall Rappelling.
Base Village : Fanansrai.
Date :19th October, 2014.
Height : 600ft approx. {on road}
Max seats : 25
Technical Experts Team : Shalom Adventure

Katladhar Waterfall!!!!! We had heard this name on a few occasions and even glanced at the gigantic waterfall from the Rajmachi forts and had wondered whether a rappelling at that location would it be possible.
We did our research { read Google Earth /maps / Local guides / GPS and general awareness } and found out the exact approach to the top as well as to the bottom of the falls and now we give you the opportunity to rappel down 600 feet through the water , along with us and take back an experience of a lifetime.

***Our schedule shall be as follows:

EVENT starts on
Saturday 18th Oct, 10:55 PM.

2023 hrs: Start from Mumbai, Mahalaxmi Exp - 17411

Train Timing
CST - 2023
DADAR - 2033
THANE - 2058
KALYAN - 2123
KARJAT - 2213

please reserve your tickets on your own.

2300 hrs: Reach Lonavala.
0000 hrs: Trek to top village.

-19th Oct 14

0600 hrs: Wake-up/ briefing / breakfast.
0700 hrs: Trek to top of waterfall.
1530 hrs: All Participants Complete.
1800 hrs: All Participants trek to the top.
2200 hrs: All Participants reach Mumbai by Private vehicle or Train/bus (Subject to traffic)

Note : Lets us know If someone want to get their own Wheels, so that we can provide them sharing.

***Please find below the details required for the event.

Fees: 1800/-

Above cost shall include

Breakfast and Basic lunch
Rappelling mentioned above.
All technical gear and equipment.

***The above cost shall exclude any other expense, other the aforementioned list.

***Kindly Note: All participants shall be required to carry the following recommended gears in their person/Bags:
1) Sturdy shoes, closed toe variety. {Mandatory, Participant will be declined opportunity to rappel}. Also Sandals, chapals and floaters would not be accepted throughout the event.
2) Participants to carry their own lunch for the day of the event.
3) Recommended to carry - high calorie foods like, fruits, chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc.!!!
4) At least 02 litres of water per person { Empty bottles could also be carried and re-filled by the mountain water }
5) Each participant to carry at least one hand held torch or headlamp with an extra set of batteries.{ Also Mandatory }
6) As the trek back from the base of the waterfall shall be through dense forest, we recommend full - pants, track - suit variety, Not JEANS for all participants for their own safety. Full track pants, Full t-shirt (to avoid bee attacks, insect bites, etc., half sleeved t-shirts, 3/4ths are not allowed for safety reasons)
7) A cap/hat, sun screen, Sun glasses, etc. for enduring the Sun.
8) For Participants with long hair - a head wrap / scarf to be carried for their hair.
9) One Sturdy small back pack {Not the single strap, over the shoulder variety} to carry their individual things.
10) Odomos, Personal Prescription medicines as required.
11) If Participants choose to carry a camera/ mobile phone / any electronic equipment, they do at their own risk as there is a risk of their equipment’s getting wet. So in case one decides to carry such electronic items, kindly ensure that they are carried in a waterproof enclosure {large Plastic bags} of some kind.

This is an adventure activity / expedition not a leisure activity and everyone is required to follow rules & regulations of Tattva Advantures
No prior experience or training is required.
Please note consumption of liquor is prohibited during treks / events with Shalom Adventures.
Caution: Rappelling can be enjoyed by any person on or above 10 years.
Payment Details: Participants shall be required to make full payment by 12th Oct, 2014

Bank Details
Account number- 1879 055 000 55
Current account
Name - HUNNR
IFSC code - ICIC0001879

Jaal 7666 611 666
Sai 7738 783 657

Tattva Adventures

Jai Hind.

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