Trek Location Places of visit Mahimatgad, Marleshwar, Sangameshwar, Bhavanigad, dist Ratnagiri Date 14th to 15th April 2012 Approach Mahimatgad from Kundi 5 hours to and fro trek, Bhavanigad from Kadvai 2 hours to and fro trek Trek Fees Rs. 1100/- per head apprx Things to carry 1. Good sack to keep all your belongings + small sack to carry water bottles / camera etc while sightseeing & trekking 2. Wear full sleeves shirt and full length trousers to avoid sun burn and insect bytes 3. Additional pair of clothes 4. Sun Cap 5. Socks, Shoes (sports shoes or trekking shoes) 6. Pair of slippers / floaters (optional for campsite) 7. Water bottles (min 2 liters together) 8. Plate, spoon, small glass / mug 9. Carry mat and sleeping bag / bed sheet 10. Torch Compulsary 11. Lunch for 14th April 20120 12. Personal medicines 13. Gluncon-D / Tang, Amul Masti butter milk packets (protection against dehydration) 14. Chocolates / Paper mint Rules and Regulations 1. This is an eco friendly trek. So do not litter waste anywhere 2. Wrappers of chocolates should not be thrown anywhere. Please carry it back to your home for disposal. 3. Consumption of liquor, cigarettes of any of the tobacco products is strictly not allowed. 4. Do not wear shorts, sleeveless clothes even at the campsite 5. Keep some space in the sack vacant to accommodate snacks or other stuff given by unit 6. Don’t carry any valuables with you 7. Please carry your valid YHAI membership card (for members only) 8. For non members please carry some other photo id 9. Non members will have to pay extra fees of 10% 10. Trek fees mentioned is approximate and may vary depending on actual expenditure. 11. Organizers of the trek keep right to modify the itinerary in the best interest of YHAI. Emergency & Trek Leaders Contact Trek leader Madhukar Dhuri, Cell Number 9820320295 Trek leader Sunil Gharat, Cell Number 9969313045 Unit Chairman Vasant Ghadigaonkar Cell Number 9869205134 / 9892115188 Home Number 022 – 24165703 Transportation Information By private transport Mumbai to Kundi to Marleshwar to Kadvai to Dervan to Chilpun to Mumbai Journey Starting point 13th April 2012 10 pm Borivali Journey Ending point 15th April 2012 10 pm Borivali Route Information Starting trailhead Start from Mumbai on 13th April 2012 11 pm by private vehicle Route day 1 Reach Kundi by 7am To and fro Trek to Mahimatgad (5 hours) – 0800 to 1300 hrs Reach Marleshwar and sightseeing Visit Karneshwar enroute to Kadvai, Dinner at Sangameshwar Reach Bhavanigad temple for night stay, bhairavgad ascend will take 40 minutes Day 1 Camp Bhavanigad temple Route day 2 Bhavanigad sightseeing and return to Mumbai. Enroute visit Dervan, Govindgad (1 hour to and fro trek), Parshuram if time permits. Ending trailhead Reach Mumbai by 10 pm on 15th April 2012. Mahimatgad is located in the Chandoli forest reserve on the borders of Ratnagiri and Sangali Districts. With dense forestation and Warna backwaters the weather will be pleasant even in the summer. We will be approaching it from Kundi village near Marleshwar, kokan side. Marleshwar has a cave temple of lord shiva and waterfall nearby. Bhavanigad is a small hillock and can be approached from base village of kadvai in 40 minutes. It has a bhavani temple where we will stay overnight.
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