Fort: Harishchandragad
Type: Hill fort
Height: 4671ft
Grade: Hard
Endurance: Tough

Harishchandragad Situated On The Boundaries Of Three Districts Namely Pune,A.Nagar & Thane Can Be Trek Down From Number Of Routes .Khireshwar Tolar Khind Route & Pachnai Route Are The Two Normally Used Routes . While Junnar Darwaja & Nalichi Vaat Route Are The Route Rarely Used. Among These All Route NALICHI VAAT  Route Is The Toughest One.Nalichi Vaat Route Covered With Monster Size Loose Rocks .On This Route There Are ThreeMAJOR Rock Patches Are Involved Makes This Trek Most Demanding Trek In Maharashtra.

Places To Visit:Scaling Down Harishchandragad From Nalichi Vaat Itself Is Big Thrill. View Of Harishchandragad Kokankada From Base Village Valivhare Is One Of The Best View In Sahyadri.From Here One Can Easily Spot Naptha ,Ghodishep,Rohidas,Naneghat Panorama. Along With This We Are Going To Visit Following Places On Fort.


The fort is quite ancient. Remnants of Microlithic man have been discovered here. The various Puranas (ancient scriptures) like Matsyapurana, Agnipurana and Skandapurana include many references about Harishchandragad. Its origin is said to have been in 6th century, during the rule of Kalchuri dynasty. The citadel was built during this era. The various caves probably have been carved out in the 11th century. In these caves are idols of Lord Vishnu. Though the cliffs are named Taramati and Rohidas, they are not related to Ayodhya. Great sage Changdev (one who created the epic “Tatvasaar”), used to meditate here in 14th century. The caves are from the same period. The various constructions on the fort and those existing the surrounding region point to the existence of diverse cultures here. The carvings on the temples of Nageshwar (in Khireshwar village), in the Harishchandreshwar temple and in the cave of Kedareshwar indicate that the fort belongs to the medieval period, since it is related to Shaiva, Shakta or Naath. Later the fort was under the control of Moguls. The Marathas captured it in 1747.


The major attraction of Harishchandragad is Kokan Kada. This cliff is not just vertical, it is an overhang, almost like a cobra’s hood. It has been climbed twice so far. Its beyond description, one should actually see it to experience the nature’s architecture.The view from here is awesome and unimaginable. The sunset is gorgeous. There are not many places from where u can see the sun setting below ur eye level. And the reflection of the rays from the river flowing below gives it an orange outlining. Its too cool, hard to describe it in words. Also their are colonies of vultures in the huge crevices. You need a pair of binoculars to watch them little closely.


Temple of Harishchandreshwar

This temple is marvelous example of the fine art of carving sculptures out of stones that prevailed in ancient India. It is about 16 m high from its base. Around this temple there a few caves & ancient water tanks. The river Mangal Ganga is said to originate from one of the tanks located close to the temple. The top of the temple resembles construction with the north-Indian temples. A similar temple is situated in Buddha-Gaya. Here we can see many tombs, in which a typical construction is seen. These are built by well-finished arranging stones one on top of the other. There are three main caves near the temple. The cisterns near the temple provide drinking water. A short distance away, another temple called Kashitirtha is located. The fascinating thing about this temple is that it has been carved out from a single huge rock. There are entrances from all four sides. On the main entrance there are sculptures of faces. These are faces of guards of the temple. On the left side of the entrance is a Devnagri inscription, which is about saint Changdev.


Saptatirtha Pushkarni

To the east of the temple is a well-built lake called “Saptatirtha”. On its bank are temple-like constructions in which there are idols of Lord Vishnu. Recently these idols have been shifted in the caves near the temple of Harishchandreshwar.


Kedareshwar Cave

Going rightwards of Harishchandreshwar temple, we come across a huge cave. This is the cave of Kedareshwar (see picture), in which there is a big Shivlinga, which is totally surrounded by water. The total height from its base is five feet, and the water is waist-deep. It is quite difficult to reach the Shivlinga because the water is ice-cold. There are sculptures carved out here. In monsoon it is not possible to reach this cave, as a huge stream flows across the way.


 Junnar Darwaja (Rajmarg)

We Are Going To descend Via Junnar Darwaja Route Also Called As rajmarg Was The Main Route in the past To access  harishchandrgad.



Schedule :

     Dec 18 -Friday

  • Pick up for Mumbai members : 11:00 Pm (Dadar Near Pritam Hotel)
  • Pick up for Pune members : 10:30 Pm (Shivajinagar,In front of Sancheti Hospital)
  • Reach Base village Rest in the School Premises

Day 1: Dec 19 -Saturday

  • Get ready till 7:00 am
  • Breakfast ,Tea
  • Introduction
  • Start trek Via Nalichi Vaat
  • Reach kokankada top till 2:00 pm
  • Lunch @ Kokankada
  • Rest ,campfire ,dinner
  • Retire for the day (Tents will Be Provided)


Day 2: Dec 20 -Sunday

  • Morning wake up
  • Get ready till 6.30 am
  • Breakfast
  • Visit Taramati Peak,Kedareshwar,Harishchandra Balekilla
  • Start descending towards khireshwar Junnar Darwaja (Rajmarg) route
  • Reach khireshwar
  • Lunch
  • Start return journey
  • Reach Pune/Dadar by 10.00 pm


Cost :2200/- INR

Which Will Include

For Mumbai members:

Dadar to Dadar travelling by private vehicle, 2 breakfast,2 lunch,1 Dinner,Evening tea , Tented Accommodation,Branded Equipment,First Aid

For Pune members :

Pune to Pune travelling by private vehicle, 2 breakfast,1 lunch,1 Dinner,Evening tea ,Tented Accommodation, Expertise,Branded Equipment,First Aid


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1. Good sport shoes (compulsory).
2. Extra Pair of cloths, Towel, napkin,socks.
3. Water (2ltr minimum).
4. some eatables preferably biscuits ,dry fruits ,namkeen
5. Sleeping bag/ sleeping mat, Blanket
6.Cap / Gog / Camera (optional).
7. Personal small medical kit. (If u require usually/Optional)
8. TORCH with extra batteries (compulsory).
9. Haversack to put all these things should be wrapped in Plastic Polythene .