WSR Overnight Programme of Sky Observation at Mahuli on 05th March 2016


Event Partner: Stargazing Mumbai

Registration closing: 05th March 2016

Charges: Rs.250/- including stargazing, evening snacks, 3 teas, rent of site & WSR Charges.

The program starts at 7.00 pm (IST) in the evening and runs up to 4.30 am (IST) next morning.

The general outline of the programme is as follows:

Date: Saturday 05th March 2016

Venue: Patil Farm, Mahuli Village

ENTRY by Advance Booking ONLY


Instructions for participants:

1. Carry warm cloths

2. Carry extra mat/carpet ( Sleeping Bag ) to lie down to relax while in the journey through the cosmos

3. Carry a torch, covered with red gelatine 

4. Reach to Asangaon station at 5.05 Pm on 9th January. Our coordinator will guide you about transport arrangement done by AAC till stargazing site i.e. Patil Farm, Mahuli village. (Participants have to pay individual cost to driver- approximately Rs.30/- each or share autos are available outside the station which cost Rs. 250/- for 4 passengers)

5. Carry your own tiffin for dinner as there is no such arrangement will be made by WSR. 

6. Carrying Alcohol & smoking are strictly outlawed.

The charges are non-refundable, even if the programme does not take place, because of incidental heavy rains or for any other reason beyond our control.

The entry to the program is STRICTLY by PRE-BOOKING. 


Train Timings:

CST - Asangaon : 15:02 pm (S)

03:02 PM CST

03:10 PM Byculla

03:20 PM Dadar

03:30 PM Kurla

03:36 PM Ghatkopar

03:52 PM Mulund

03:57 PM Thane

04:19 PM Dombivli

04:28 PM Kalyan

05:03 PM Asangaon



Do I need to register for this program?

Yes. It is mandatory to have a pre-booked invitation for the Special Show.

Who will be the contact person at the site?

Deepak : 9819085757

Is there a dinner facility on site?


Is there any age restriction for the attendee?

No. Anyone can join.

Is there a medical facility on site?

No. We have basic first aid kit…but if you have medical issues, then you carry your regular medicines.

Are there mosquitoes on site?

No. The site is open farm house, clean and free from pollution. As such there are no mosquitoes. There might be night insects…if we put on lights. But as sky show needs no light…this is not a problem. Recommended to get Odomos or some repellant on your own.

What are the restrictions on site?

Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Drunken participants are assisted to railway station from where they can go home.

Due to growing nuisance and repeated complaints….all mobile devices, laptops, Tablets and all light emitting devices, cameras with flashes will have to be SWITCHED OFF during sky observation.

Do I need to have a telescope or binocular to come to the programme?

No. During this overnight program you will able to see many different objects through telescopes arranged by Amateur Astronomy Club. Some open cluster, Globular cluster, Galaxy, binary star, visible planet. They arrange their KM scopes, personal scopes and all instruments for everyone. You get in queue and see the object.

If you have your own binocular, telescope….do gets those with you.

How is the Sky condition on day of program?

Use the following link to view satellite images. These images are updated intervals of normally 6 hours. General thumb-rule is if more water vapor seen in image there is likelihood of cloud formation.

Check the sky on your own…and plan your visit.

What if Sky gets cloudy during program?

We wait and watch!

If sky is clouded to begin with…we wait till 2200 hrs. Then maybe pack up and get back to home.

If the last train is gone, and sky gets cloudy.....then we conduct discussion sessions. Show some slides, astro-movies and keep the show running. Uninterested people can sleep peacefully.

Where do I get train timings?

Check local train timings in time table. For mobiles...use M-Indicator. Online time table is at


Payment Details:

To Confirm your registration please deposit Rs. 250 /-(non Refundable) in the following.(Please specify your name or those who transfer on behalf of you & trek/Activity/Tour name-mandatory in SMS).


Account No: 00021140008004

Name: Deepak P Jat.

Bank: HDFC Bank

Type: Saving 

IFSC code: HDFC0000002

Branch: Khar West, Mumbai

After transaction plz do What's app to Deepak: 9819085757


Things To Be carried:

Identity proof (must)

You should carry your Dinner

Some ready to eat Snacks

Recommended to get Odomos or some repellent

Mattress / chatai for seating on open ground

Sweaters, hand gloves, head scarf / muffler, Water bottle

Your personal Medicine

Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.


Note: Please note that we are not able to provide any of the above things at the site.


Please read "Rules & Regulations" before registration for any events.


For Registrations call Team WSR:

Sahib: 7678092447

Deepak : 9819085757 / 9699648235


About Registration:

>> Registration will be done strictly on ‘First Come First Serve Basis’.

>> Bike Rides/Trekking/Camping is an adventurous activity. Every participant will sign a ‘Risk Form’. This form states that the participant is participating the Ride / trek / camp at own risk.

>> No refund or transfer of fees shall be made in any case.

For Registration Visit:


Important Points to keep in mind:

1 The leader's decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.

2 Participants or Members are responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.

3 Please do not wear any jewellery.

4 Please do not litter, we believe in the saying, wherever you go, leave only your footprints and take back only memories.

5 Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the any events. Anyone found in possession of the same or consuming it will be expelled from the event. NO REFUND will be provided.


Medical Disclaimer: 

It is mandatory that you visit your personal physician before enrolling for the trip if you suffer from any illness of any kind and disclose the same and your medical history to the organizers of the trip so that best possible arrangements can be carried out post approval. As organizers of the trip, we will be responsible for providing basic first aid throughout the trip. In case of unexpected mishaps or accidents, we will arrange for the injured patron to be taken to the nearest medical hospital wherever possible. The medical expenses will have to be borne by the patrons themselves.