Peb is a fort located near Neral; between Panorama Point (Matheran) and Nakhind to be precise. The fort is also named as ‘VikatGad’.Historical references clearly indicate that Shivaji Maharaj used the caves on the fort as silos for grain storage. It is a beautiful one-day trek and the view of the entire Neral region from the top would be amazing.

Short Info:

Trek Name: Peb Fort.

Date: 26th June 2016

Fort Height: 2100 ft.

Type: Hill forts.

Grade: Medium-Moderated.

Region: Neral-Matheran


Trek Costr: Rs 400/- per head.

Registered Member: Rs 350/- per head.

It includes breakfast, travelling from Neral to dasturi Naka by local transport & Expertise Charges etc…

Cost does Not Included Lunch, Insurance, Medical coverage & anything other than mentioned above.



We will travel from Neral to Matheran. We will start climbing Peb fort from Matheran. We will have Lunch once we reach on the fort. Please note that every participant needs to carry their own lunch. While descending, we will descend from Peb fort to Neral station.

This location is known to be the place where lord Ganesha fell down from his mouse and the moon laughed at him. Lord Ganesha is very fond of Laddoo (Modaka - a sweet delicacy). Once upon a day of Ganesha Puja (Ganesh Chatruthi), Ganesha went from house to house and accepted the offerings of laddoo. He stuffed himself to the capacity and decided to take a ride on his mouse at night. Along the moonlit road they got to see a large snake and the troubled rat stumbled, with the consequence Ganpati fell down .He hit the ground hard and as a result his stomach burst open. All the laddoos came out but Ganesha again stuffed them into his stomach. He caught the snake and tied it round his belly.

Moon witnessed the whole event and laughed heartily. Lord Ganesha lost his temper and furiously looked about for something to throw at his tormentor. Getting nothing, he pulled out one of his tusks and hurled it at the moon. He cursed the moon that no one should look at the moon on the day of Ganesha Puja .

The place were lord ganesha fell is know and Vikateshgad also know and Peb (Viktesh is another name for lord Ganesha), the place where the snake's hood was seen is Nakhind and from where the moon laughed is Chanderi. All these are 3 mountains sharing a common valley and one can view Peb and Nakhind from Chanderi.

Meeting Point:

Activity Schedule:

Train Time: Karjat (S) Slow Local

CST: 5:18 am  Byculla : 5:26                      Dadar : 5:36 Kurla : 5:47                          Ghatkopar : 5:53 Thane : 6:13

Dombivali : 6:36  Kalyan : 6:46 Neral : 7.25 am.

Tentative Schedule:

08.00 am: Will have tea-b/f and will move by local vehicle to Kadya varcha Ganpati Point.

09.10 am: With an intro round will start by track route

11.00 pm: With reach on top and explore surrounding.

12.00 pm: Lunch.

01.00 pm: @ Cave Route Descend (Some tough patches) .

04.35 pm: back to base village.

05.00 pm: Back to Neral station.

Check List:

Compulsory items: Rain Shower expected so pack your bags accordingly.

A proper two sided haversack to put all the things, So that one has hands free while trekking, id proof, approx 4 ltr water, Lunch for the day, Torch with extra batteries, some snacks, Should wear good trekking shoes, full sleeve shirt/T-shirt & Full Pant.

if you have any medical issue please carry your own medicine as we carry only First aid, carry some extra cloths.

Non-compulsory items but helpful:

Cap, Sunglasses, Woolen Jacket, Camera , Avoid wearing Gold and other jewelry  mosquito’s repellent, Electoral / Energy powder, 2 Lemon, & 2 plastic bags for weight distribution.

(It’s totally self-responsibility to take care of things.)


For Registration & more details, contact our "Rangers"

Ananda: 9892219155.

Dipendra : 9967435673

Registration will be done by phone call only, so if call not received then please sms your name & mail-id.


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