Ultimate Hikers range Trek -Rajgad fort to Raigad via borata on 26th to 28th Jan.2017.

Districts: Pune and Raigad

Minimum Days Required: 3

If a trekker wants to really test his / her time management skill, stamina, patience, and presence of mind, then this is one trek a trekker must look forward to do. Starting from fort Rajgad near Pune and concluding at Durga-Durgeshwar Raigad, this trek takes you to long and demanding route in Sahyadri along with superb scenery.

This demanding trek can be completed in 3 days:

Day 1 :Rajgad Fort to Mohari village via Torna budhala machi

Day 2:Mohari Village to Raigad

Day 3: Explore Raigad

Day 1 :Rajgad to Mohari village

First day of the range is from fort Torana to Mohari village near Rayling platue. The rangecan be divided in 2 parts

1. rajgad Torna to Bhatti Village

2. Bhatti to Mohari Village.

. After ascending Torna, one has to reach Mengai Devi temple. Here there is a water cistern, where water can be refilled, lunch and rest can be taken.  From Torna we have to descend towards Bhatti village this route is extremely steep and slippery. There are strong karbi stems on the both sides of the route for support. On the way there are some thorny trees and hence, one has to exercise caution while descending. It takes almost 2 hours to descend from Torna from this route. Further, crossing the dense karbi trees, there are two more paths. We have to take a left path and reach mohri which is almost 15 kms from this joint.

There are two options to reach mohri from bhatti;

1. There is a road which goes through smallhills. Villagers / Local guidance is required to go through this route.

2. One can board a Vehicle coming from Velhe and go towards Pasaliphata. These vehicles do not go to Mohri Village, but if we request and are ready to pay money then they can drop us nearby Mohri village. During the journey from bhatti to mohari, one can easily locate Rajgad, Torna and the ridge joining them. Bhatti to Mohari takes almost an hour by vehicle. Mohari is a small village of 5-6 houses. One can stay in one of the houses.

Day 2 :Mohari to Raigad

This is secnd day of the range trek. The summit is on Raigad. This journey can be divided in 4 parts.

1.Mohari village to Rayling platue.

2.Rayling platue to Linganavadi

3.Linganavadi to Panhe.

4.Panhe to Raigad

On this route, it is desirable to be accompanied by a villager. Also ensure to carry enough stock of water as there is no water till konkan. One reaches rayling platue in almost 25 minutes from Mohari village. It gives superb view of fort Lingana and fort Raigad towards right. Lingana fort is next to Rayling plateau, considered to be one of the toughest forts in Sahyadri due to its steep and risky exposure. The way to boratyachinaal descend is at the entry of Rayling plateau.

Bortyaachi naal descend is very steep and there are shaky and unstable rocks on the way. One has to be very careful while descending. After almost 45 minutes of descend, one has to take a traverse towards right for Lingana base. The traverse is very narrow and there is extreme exposure. It is advisable to cross this traverse with a support of a rope. After the narrow patch, there is a small route that goes straight along the wall of Rayling plateau on its right and, valley on the left.  This path is covered with dry yellow grass and it is slippery, so one has to exercise extreme caution. After turning right we come exactly between Lingana fort and Rayling platue. We have to descend slippery path to reach Lingana base. From here there is straight climbing route to Lingana. The other route through trees, goes towards Linganawadi, base village. It takes approximately one hour from rayling to reach Lingana base.

On this route there are steady rocks thus making descend easy. On the way there are couple of rock patches which can be descended without a rope. After a descending for an hour from lingana base there is a bigrock patch. After descending the rock patchone reaches narrow route on left. This can be tricky to identify, and hence one needs to be accompanied by a villager / local who is familiar with these routes. From this joint, it takes about an hour to reach Linganawadi. In Linganwadi, one can refill water and gather some rest.

The main descend of boratyachi naal is over. There are many other routes joining desh and kokan in this area like singapurnaal, madheghaat, bocheghol etc. But, descend through Boratychinaal is considered to be most challenging. From linganawadi one has to descend to reach Panhe village.The route is simple and it takes approximately one hour to reach Panhe Village. On the way to Panhevillage one has to cross a river. The water levels are not high during winter season thus making crossing the river easy.One can refill water bottles and move towards Raigad which is approximately 8 kms from the river. From the river, one can get a clear view of Raigad on the west.The view of Fort Raigad is inspiring to all of us in many ways. In this trek it is even more inspiring as it is an indication that the goal is near to be achieved. This gives an extra impetus to the tired body and the mind to achieve this goal. Panhe village is 10 minutes from the river. Crossing Panhe village one has to reach Chhatri Nizaampur, base village ofRaigad. This straight route goes through field. It takes almost 1.5 hours to reach Chhatri Nizaampur from Panhe. The route offers view of 3 forts, lingana in the back, kokan- diwa and Durga-Durgeshwar raigad. There is also another longer route via vagheri village

Chhatri nizaampur is exactly below takmak tok of Fort Raigad. Since, there is a road going to Raigadwadi-chittadarvaaza, one can take a vehicle. By walking, it takes almost 1.5 hours to reach Raigadwadi-chittadarvaaza from chhatrinizaampur .From chittadarvaaza, by steps Raigad can be ascended in 2 hours.

This fantastic trek comes to an end when we reach Gomukhi Mahadarwaza of Raigad. Summit at Ch. Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi is Satisfying. Most thrilling moment after we reach raigad is the view of lingana from Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi. If the sky is clear, one can view Torna and Rajgad from the same spot. I am sure every trekker will feel sense accomplishment at the end of this challenging trek…

Expenses for the Trek is 2300 /-

(Group of 4+ will get 100/- off PP)

$ Includes

Morning Tea and Breakfast, 2lunch, 2dinner, Evening tea/snaks
Travel Expenditure from pune to Mahad by Jeep

 Entry Charges if Any

 Guide and  Administrative Charges

 First Aid

$ Excludes

 mineral water

 cold drinks

 any thing not mentioned above


*For Registration transfer Rs. 200.00 per person in the given a/c.
Important Note: One needs to deposit full payment into the following bank account to confirm his/her registration.

Bank Name: Bank of India
Account No: 005210110004779

Account Type: Savings

Account name: Yogesh Alekari.

IFSC code:BKID0000052

(Onece the payment is done please send us the transaction reference number, participant name, contact number to

Note: Maximum 20 seats

Things To Carry: –

-Proper bedding

- Water Bottle (~2.5 Ltrs) ( must).
-Camera, Cell Phone (Optional).
-Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.
-Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc..
-Medicine those if u require usually (Optional).
-Extra Pair of clothes, Good trekking shoes, A haversack to put all these things..

For confirmation pls reply here or do contact on or whtsaap

Yogesh           : 9702525435
kailash JD       : 8652125925
Mahesh           : 9004262229

1. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.

2. Trek leader’s decision will be final and binding.

3. team Ultimate Hikers reserves all the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice.

Team Ultimate Hikers.

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