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Turtle Festival at Velas Beach :

The turtle festival is being celebrated since 2006.The Turtle Festival at Velas is annually organized by Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra (SNM) and the Kasav Mitra 

Mandal, in March. This festival is meant for nature lovers, marine turtle enthusiasts, tourists and people who just want to witness this moment, at least 

once in a lifetime!



Surrounded by four holy hills Harihar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri Harihareshwar is a region in Konkan which is amazingly beautiful with hills 

playing the perfect foil for long stretch of pristine beach. The Harihareshwar temple built in the 16th century with the deities of Vishnu Brahma and 

Shiva is the primary attraction in Harihareshwar along with beautiful stretch of beach.


Velas is a village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is noted as a birthplace of Nana Phadnis. He was sachiva- a secretary in Peshawai in Pune.

Accommodation consists of a simple, homely dormitory style (no separate rooms).


Bankot is a square shaped fort. On the sides of Bankot fort, there is a dry moat (Revni) dug out in the Jambhya stone. Jambhya stone is peculiar type of 

stone adorning a purple shade and peculiarly it is incapable of storing water as the water invariable percolates through it owing to its much porous nature.

The main entrance (Mahadarwaja) of the fort is north-facing with a well sculpted arch and carvings. Watch guards dug out (Devdya) align on both sides of 

the Mahadarwaja with some pits being dug out in the right Devdi. On the left, there are steps leading towards Nagarkhana while there is an underground 

storey and a tunnel on the right. A Maruti idol in the centre stands deserted now. On the west, there is a small entrance (Darwaja) leading to a Bastion 

on the exterior of the fortifications. A deep well (now dry and filled) occupied the centre of this bastion earlier and the adjacent water tanks too are 

dry and obsolete now. One can leave the Buruj via a small exit that leads to the surrounding moat and a beautiful “Revni” lying nearby.


Some information about the area:

The places that will be visiting are:

1. Harihareshwar Temple And Beach

2. Bankot Fort

3. Velas Beach for Turtle festival



The itinerary for the tour will be as follows:

Leaving 15 April, Friday Night :

Meeting Point :Pritam Hotel Dadar East @11.45 pm

Pikcup Point : Vashi Below Main Bridge @12.30 am



Reach Velas by 05.00am

Get fresh, Visit Velas Beach at 6am for Turtle Festival


Bankot Fort (15 Minutes Trek)

Explore Bankot fort

Return to Velas by 1.30pm

Lunch at Velas (Veg Konkani Food)

Rest till evening

Visit Velas beach for Turtle Festival in the evening at 5pm ,

Fun time at Velas beach

Back to House


Post Dinner,

Night walk and sharing experience of the day

Relax for the day



Wake up at 5.30am

Visit Velas Beach for Turtle Festival in Morning at 6am.

Have breakfast and Start for Harihareshwar Temple and Beach by Ferry

Lunch at Harihareshwar

Post Lunch , Start our return journey by 3pm

Evening refreshment on the way

Reach Dadar by 9:00PM night


Expenses for the Tour is 2250/- per person

 Last date of confirmation: Wednesday, 13th April

Includes :

Mumbai to Mumbai transportation in private (Non-A/c) bus, All simple veg meals for the Tour (Breakfast Tea, lunch, eve snacks tea & dinner)

Turtle festival charges, ferry charges, accommodation charges And Expertise charges.


Personal expenses

Anything which is not mentioned in Included


Velas is a dangerous beach.Please do not venture out in the seas as it can be dangerous 

We do take utmost care of every member of the group during the event,but still each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.


The leader's decision will be final and binding on all.

Contact- Swapnil 9769345484 for further details

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