Lohgad (Iron fort):
 Trekincredible invites you for the wonderful trek to Lohgad.
 Lohgad was one of the most important forts of Satwaahan Period, which takes us to 2000 to
 2500 years back. Bhaje & Bedse caves where used by Buddhist monks to stay. These caves
 are situated in the mountain of Visapur.
 With a 2000 year old history and at 3400 ft high, Lohgad one of the magestic forts in the region.
 The climb to the fort takes you to panoramic vantage points, huge balconies, doors and reminds
 you how important this place was which was used to defend freedom.
 The highlight of Lohagad fort trek is the 'Vinchu kata' - fortification resembling a scorpion’s tail.
 This structure juts out from the main section of the fort and requires an additional 15-20 mins of
 walking to reach the edge. The durgah is another major landmark within Lohagad which is
 located near the entrance to the fort - 'Mahadarwaja'. Laxmi Kothi is a large shelter near the
 Region: Lonavala (Pune)
 Height: 3400 Feet (Approx)
 Type: Hill Fort
 Grade: Easy
 Mode of Transport: Private Transport
 Itinerary: Sunday 7th August 2016
 6.00 am- Pick up
 9.00 am- Reach base
 11.30 am- Reach top
 11.30-12.30 pm- Explore top
 12.30-1.00 pm- Lunch
 4.00 pm- Reach base
 7.00 pm- Reach Mumbai
 Timing may vary on various conditions
 Cost: Rs 900 per person
 Last date of booking:4th August, Thursday
 Cost includes:
 Travel by private transport (From -Mumbai)
 Breakfast, tea refreshments
 Cost excludes:
 Anything not mentioned above
 Things To be Carried Along with:
 ● A haversack to put in all the things to be carried so that one has hands free while walking.
 ● Towel/Napkins,Extra pair of clothes.
 ● Good footwear. (With grip, preferably Shoes)
 ● Lunch (Compulsory).
 ● Some ready to eat food.
 ● Water bottle 2 Litres.
 ● Polythene bag for your garbage. (No plastic littering on the way or in mountains)
 ● Medicine those if you require usually.
 ● 2-3 bunch of News-papers.
 * Drinking alcohol and smoking strictly not allowed.
 * Please avoid wearing jeans which could trouble you while climbing, prefer track pants.
 * We do take utmost care of every member of the group during the event, but still each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
 * The leader's decision will be final and binding on all.
 Please call Swapnil-9769345484