Region: Pali
Fort Height: 2030 feet
Type: Hill Fort
Grade: Easy
Mode of Transport : public/Private Transport

Contribution for the trek : Rs. 500-600
(Which includes refreshments, breakfast and to and fro private transport from Dadar
Seats needs to be booked by friday 2.00 pm)

About Sudhagad:
This fort is located about 10 kms from Pali in Raigad district. It actually is close to the district boundary between Raigad and Pune. It stands about 2030 feet from the sea level and is an interesting climb from the base.
The origin of this fort is not clearly known but the existence of caves dating back to about 200 BC in close proximity makes this fort a fairly old one. It must have seen the Shilahar, Yadav, Bahamani, Mughals till Shivaji took it in 1648. It was originally called Bhorapgad and Shivaji renamed it as Sudhagad. Today, it is known by both the names.

Itinerary :
On 24th March
11.00 pm : Start from Dadar (Pick up spots will be informed to All)

On 25th March
03.00 am  : Reach base and Start the trek.
06.00 am  : Reach at Top, Exploration and Breakfast.
09.00 am  : Start Descending.
11.30 am  : Reach base and Return journey.
04.00 pm  : Reach at Dadar

(Timings may vary depending on situtaion)

Things To be Carried Along with:

● A haversack to put in all the things to be carried so that one has hands free while walking.
● Towel/Napkins,Extra pair of clothes.
● Good footwear.(preferably Shoes)
● Torch (Cumplsory).
● Some ready to eat food.
● Water 2 Liters.
● Lunch for SUNDAY. (Must)
● Polythene bag for your garbage. (No plastic littering on the way or in mountains)
● Medicine those if u require usually.
● 2-3 bunch of News-papers.

* Drinking alcohol and smoking strictly not allowed.
* Please avoid wearing jeans which could trouble you while climbing, Prefer track pants.
* We do take utmost care of every member of the group during the event,but still each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
* The leader's decision will be final and binding on all.

For all your further queries and booking your seats, Please Contact,

Vikas (Trek Co-Ordinator) - 9768542519
Swapnil (Trek Leader) - 9769345484

For latest updates, Kindly check following link,

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