"Spandan Bhramanti" has arranged One day Trek to Thanale Caves & Hot water springs at Unhere Near Pali, District-Raigad on  Sunday, 04th March 2012

Grade:  Easy

Time : Max 1.5 hrs from Thanale Village


Brief introduction of Thanale Caves:

Just like many other early Buddhist rock-cut temples, Thanale Caves are located next to trade route, leading inland from the ancient port Chaul. These 28 ancient rock-cut structures are located in beautiful, impressive location and represent an impressive achievement of engineering and art.

History of Thanale Caves:

These caves are some of the most ancient rock-cut temples not only in Maharashtra but in whole India and were located at complex site of the trade route, where the path goes through complicated mountain pass. Here have been found punch-marked silver coins from the times of Emperor Ashoka (268 - 227 BC). Thus it is possible that they were created in 3rd century BC, although it is possible also that they were built somewhat later

At the end of 5th century AD the port of Chaul declined and trade routes changed. Around this time caves were abandoned. Once lively and beautiful complex of temples was forgotten.


In January 1890 caves were rediscovered to the science by missionary J.A.Abnot, although earlier these caves served as a hideout to revolutionary Vasudev Balwant Phadke.


Ancient rock-cut chambers are located in beautiful mountainous site. Most frequently used path starts in Thanale village and goes through dense forest, along waterfalls and mountain scenery.

Caves are located at the foot of overhanging enormous cliff. All caves are cut in a row. Unfortunately time has taken its toll - facades of caves have been lost due to natural circumstances - fall of rocks. Southernmost 8 - 10 caves are blocked by collapse of cave roof.

In total there were made 28 caves. Several caves have exquisite adornment - stone carvings on portals of the doors and ceilings including an impressive relief above the cell-door showing serpent deity - naga.

Cave 3 (counting from the northern side) contains 13 stupas.


Details Of Unhere Hot Water Spring:

Just 1 km from Pali Ganesh Mandir is a hot water spring at village Uddhar. The water here is known for its medicinal sulphur content believed to cure even some skin ailments.


Trek details:
Reporting place and Time: Nr. Swami Narayan Temple, Dadar (East) at 5.45  AM sharp and Move by private vehicle.  Those who are coming from Thane, Kalyan, Badlapur can join at Eastern Express highway, Nahur at 6.15 AM sharp.

Programme details:
# 05:45 am Move by private vehicle
# 06.15 am Pick up at Nahur

# 07.30 am Refreshment enroute
# 09.00 am Reach Pali, halt for Ballaleshwar Ganesh Darshan
# 09.30 am Reach Thanale Village, start Trek
# 11.30 am caves exploration
# 01.00 pm start descend for base village

# 01.30 pm Lunch and Rest in Forest

# 02.30 pm @ Thanale Village

# 03.30 pm Unhere Hot water springs

# 04.00 pm Move towards Mumbai

# 04.30 pm Halt for refreshment

# 07.00 pm Reach Mumbai (Time is subjective)

Trek Contribution Rs.550/- Per Person which includes travelling expenses from Mumbai to Mumbai by private Non AC vehicle, Morning & Evening refreshments, local guide fees etc.

Cost exclude
# Lunch Pack and Other Expenses

Thinks to Carry:
# A haversack to carry all your requisites
# Lunch of the day
# A water bottle (Minimum 2 Ltrs)
# Ready to eat food. e. g. biscuits, plum cake, fruits etc.
# Good quality shoes / sports shoes is must
# Binoculars


1) Seats will be booked only after payment of advance in Bank Account & telephonic confirmation.

2) For Bank Account details please contact on Number given below.

3) Please avoid wearing gold ornaments and do not carry any valuable things.

For confirmation please contact our leaders

Kumar Godse: 9870577761
Kavish Sukhthankar: 9820330615