Dear Friends,

There is no joy greater than taking a walk amidst a lush green forest, silently taking in the sights and sounds it has to offer you. The monsoons bring about a complete overhaul to the Sahyadris range of Mountains. The brown dried plateaus are covered in a carpet of green as new life abounds in this region. And it is absolutely fascinating to become a spectator and watch life bloom in its entire splendor. 

Come and join O.A.M. in this fascination to our "Hike to Tandulwadi" on 20th July 2014 in Palghar region .

The Mountains are calling and we must go!!!!

About Tandulwadi Hike.

Tandulwadi fort is situated 16km away from Kelve Mahim, at a height of 571 meters (nearly 1900 feet) from MSL. Tandulwadi fort is situated at around 4.87 km on north east of Saphale station. In 1737, this fort was captured by Marathas. On the top of the fort, one can find many water cisterns dug in the rocks, water reservoirs and remains of ramparts. Vaitarna River flows to the east of this hill. At the banks of this river a small village called Lalthane is situated. There is a water pond in Lalthane believed to be built by the Portuguese.
In thirteenth century, King Bhimdev’s kingdom comprised the cities of Shurparak (Nalasopara) and Mahikawati (Mahim). In 1454, Sultan of Ahmedabad captured Mahikawati. One Bhadurshah conferred the responsibility of Tandulwadi to a Mallik Allauddin. Later the fort was in the hands of Portuguese and then the Peshwas.
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Dear Friends,

It’s a one day trek but just to enjoy more we’ll start traveling in night of 19th July, to start hiking early in the morning.

We are travelling by public transport, we will take Ahmedabad Pass train. Following are the details of train :

19th July Saturday (night)
Mumbai Central -  22:40 
Dadar (western)  - 22:51
Borivali - 23:28
Virar - 00:28
Saphale - 00:47
OR (for whom its not possible  to come at night they can take morning train and meet us directly at Saphale station)
20th July Sunday (early morning)
Mumbai Central -  05:34 
Dadar (western)  - 05:41
Bandra - 05:46
Andheri - 05:55
Borivali - 06:09
Virar - 06:46
Saphale - 07:04
The following are the details of the trek.

Date------------ Sunday, 20th July 2014

Location------- Tandulwadi
Fort Height --- 571mts - 1900ft
Type ------------ Hill fort
District --------- Palghar
Grade ---------- Medium
Time taken to ascend --- Approx. 3 Hrs.
Expenses---- Rs 450 per head.
Cost include (morning breakfast, jeep travel from Saphale station to tandulwadi base, evening tea, equipment & expertise charges)
*Participants are requested to take their return tickets

Things to Carry :

1. Lunch & 3 ltrs Water (Mandatory).

2. Good footwear= SHOES (Mandatory)
3. Extra pair of clothes, Towels & Napkins (Mandatory).
4. Windcheater (Mandatory)
5. Slippers or floaters (just to relax your feet before & after the trek) (optional)
6. Personal small medical kit. (If u require usually/Optional)
7. Electral/Tang powder.
8. Cap / Gog. (Optional)
8. Other things as per your choice.(Camera, Binocs, etc.)
9. Haversack to put all these things.
**In case you guys are carrying Digi-cam or Cell phone carry enough stock of small poly thin bags, to protect it from moisture.

But no plastic littering on the way or in mountains
P.S.: Please don’t wear floaters or slippers during hiking & STRICTLY wear good shoes or footwear; it’s for your own safety. Carry and wear two pairs of socks to avoid blisters.

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