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How about mind blowing scenery, loads of water and beautiful nature in monsoon... to tip it about a whole hearted Bath in Hot water springs after that?? Sounds Interesting? So pack your bags for this sensational trek .

"Outdoor Adventure Management" is glad to announce Trek to SUDHAGAD and a brief visit to Hot water springs at Unhere on 7th July, 2013 in the Pali-Khopoli region. 

History :

Sudhagad is one of the ancient forts in Sahyadri. It was the glory of Bhor state. According to the Puranas, Sage ‘Bhrugu’ had stayed here and he had established the temple of Goddess ‘Bhorai’ on this fort.

Sudhagad was included in ‘Swarajya’ in 1648. It is described in old records as follows:
“Malavji Naik Karake put the ladders in Sakharadara. Initially, Jadhav and Saranayak both climbed the fort under the guidance of chieftain ‘Maloji Bhosale’. After that Haibatrao climbed the fort. 25 soldiers went ahead and killed the guards. Further the chief of the fort was killed in anguish and the fort was conquered.”

Shivaji Maharaj renamed Bhorapgad as Sudhagad. Later Sambhaji met Akbar (the rebellious son of Aurangjeb) in the ‘Pachchapur village’ situated at the base of this fort. Annaji Datto, Balaji Aavji Chitnis, his son Aavji Ballal and Hiroji Pharjand were all important persons in ‘Ashta-Pradhan Mandal’ of Shivaji Maharaj. Sambhaji has killed all of them in ‘Parli’ village near Sudhagad.

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 Dear Friends,

It’s a one day trek but just to enjoy more we’ll start traveling in night of 6th July, to start trekking early in the morning.

We are travelling by private bus, which will pick us up on different locations starting from from Borivali-Andheri-Bandra- Sion- Vashi - Panvel-Karjat.

We will start at 10:00pm from Borivali and accordingly all the pick-ups will be done.

Travel route (Approx.):

Borivali- 9.45 pm (Chamunda Circle) | Goregaon - 10.20 pm (Virwani bustop, ahead of Oberio mall) | 

Andheri- 10.30 pm (Hanuman mandir bus stop)  | Bandra - 10.45 pm (Kalanagar bus stop) | 

Sion- 11:00 pm (Lunch home) | Vashi - 11:20

We'll start trekking at 7:00 am on 7th July & we’ll start our journey back to Mumbai by 4:00pm and reach Mumbai at around 9.30 pm.

The following are the details of the trek.

Date---------- Sunday, 7th July2013

Location----- SUDHAGAD.

Fort Height --- 2045 ft.

Type ------- Hill fort

Grade ----- Easy

Time taken to ascend --- 2.5-3 Hrs.

Expenses---- Rs 750 per head.


Things to Carry :

1. Lunch & Water (Mandatory).

2. Good footwear= SHOES (Mandatory)

3. Extra pair of clothes, Towels & Napkins (Mandatory).

4. Windcheater (Mandatory)

5. Slippers or floaters (just to relax your feet before & after the trek) (optional)

6. Personal small medical kit. (If u require usually/Optional)

7. Electrol/Tang powder.

8. Cap / Gog. (Optional)

8. Other things as per your choice.(Camera, Binocs, etc.)

9. Haversack to put all these things.

**In case you guys are carrying Digi-cam or Cell phone carry enough stock of small poly thin bags, to protect it from moisture.

But no plastic littering on the way or in mountains

P.S.: Please don’t wear floaters or slippers during hiking & STRICTLY wear good shoes or footwear; it’s for your own safety. Carry and wear two pairs of socks to avoid blisters.

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Team OAM

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