Location: Tung Wadi (near Ghusalkhamb), PUNE
Duration: 07th July 2013, Sunday - 07:00 to 21:00

Start Point: Pritam Hotel, Dadar East (Near Railway Station)
Closing Point: Pritam Hotel, Dadar East (Near Railway Station)
Grade: Easy III
Age Group: 16 Years to 55 Years

Last Date of Registration: 02nd July 2013

Highlights of Trek/Fort: Lord Hanuman sculpture, magnificent view of Pawana Damn, Tung, Lohagad & Visapur Fort, 6 spectacular gates, Trimbakeshwar temple, carved caves


Day (07th July 2013):
07:00 - Meeting at Start Point & Starting commuting to Ghusalkhamb (Tea & Breakfast on the way)
11:00 - Reaching Tung wadi Village
11:15 - Starting trek to Tung Fort
13:00 - Reaching atop & Exploring
13:30 - Lunch & Rest
14:00 - Start descending the Fort
16:00 - Reaching Tung wadi Village
16:30 - Starting return travel to Mumbai (Tea on the way)
20:30 - Reaching Dadar & Bye Bye Take Care

> The schedule above is flexible and produced to give an idea of the Trek.

Other Important Details:

(INR 690/- only after discount benefits to Sahyadri Card Holders)

Fees Include: Travelling (By Private Vehicle) Dadar to Dadar, 2 Teas & 1 Breakfast and Expert Leaders during whole trek, Equipment/Gears Charges, First Aid & Survival Aid (if required), Gifts to Helping Villagers, if any.

Fees Excludes:
Anything that is not specifically mentioned in Fees includes.

A Good Waterproof Backpack (which should carry all things, Avoid extra luggage)
1 Liter Water Bottles (carried in 2 equal sized bottles to divide equal weight in sack)
Good Trek Shoes + 1 Pair Socks (Avoid Jogging shoes or shoes with spikes)
Cap/Hat/Buff (Waterproof)
Full Sleeves T-Shirts, Full Cotton/Trek Pant (Avoid Jeans / Heavy Cloths) (Nylon preferable) (Extra Cloths for changing after rain trek)
Dry Snacks/Biscuits/Choco Bars/Dry Fruits to munch
Notepad + Pen
Identity Card
Personal Medication (if any)
Hobby kit e.g. Camera, etc.
Please avoid carrying Valuables
(All things above to carry at own risk)
[The total weight of the Backpack should not be more than 1/3RD of your own weight.]

>> Registration must be done before the expiry of cutoff date mentioned in the event details.
>> Registration will be confirmed only after receipt of stipulated/ 100% advance of Trek/Camp Fees.
>> Registration shall be done strictly on ‘First Come First Serve Basis’.
>> Trekking/Camping is an adventurous activity. Every participant will sign a ‘Risk Form’. This form states that the participant is participating the camp at own risk. (Applicable only for Camps).
>> No refund or transfer of fees shall be made in any case.

>> Every participant must carry all the things/item mentioned in ‘Things/items to Carry’, on failure of which the entry of that participant may be restricted without refunding the fees.
>> Every participant joining the trek/camp must carry Trek/Camp Schedule. All are advised to handover its one copy at home.
>> The participants must follow the instructions and orders given by the Trek/Camp Leader.
>> The participants will be divided into groups and they must follow the orders given by their group leaders.
>> All the participants are expected to stay friendly with each other during the trek/camp.
>> No participant will go anywhere without prior permission of the Trek/Camp Leader.
>> Consuming Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Products etc. strictly prohibited.
>> No participant will leave anything at Trek Spot. Every participant will carry extra plastic bag for wrappers, waste, etc. and will not litter around trek spot.
>> No participant will comment anything negative about any Historical Character, Buildings, Place, Villagers & their life etc.
>> No participant will do any such acts that will cause any change / dirt / destruction of the Archaeological or Historical Monument(s).
>> No participant will do any such acts that will cause any harm / destruction of the Flora & Fauna of the trek/camp area.
>> Please note that the mobile network may not be very strong in the certain area.
>> Trek/Camp organizers do not accept any liability for damage, loss, injury, accident, delay, breakdowns, irregularity which may occur or be occasioned by any reason.
>> Strict action will be taken in case of any indiscipline reported against the participants in the trek/camp.
>> Participants, who are allergic to anything, or suffering from any disease or illness, must inform the Trek/Camp Leader(s) before participating in the Trek/Camp.
>> Participation Certificates will be issued only for the purpose of self progress review by the participant and not for presenting anywhere else as merit card. (Applicable only for Camps)
>> Participants will follow all rules, regulations and instructions given by the Club and its leader during trek/camp.
>> The Trek/Camp Leader reserves the right to alter / modify the program / route(s) of the Trek/Camp at any time before or during the Trek/Camp.
>> At any stage, if you feel unwell inform Group Leader or Trek/Camp Leader, immediately.
>> The Club reserves the right to add, modify or delete any rule/regulation at any time, without notice to the participant and he will be liable to follow the same during camp.

For Registration or More Details contact: -
UTKARSH ERANDKAR - +91-9930609990
NIRANJAN MARATHE - +91-9820365395
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