Grade  : Simple to Medium


Height : 2300 ft.


Start Point : Panvel Bus Depo


Meeting time : 7.30 am sharp


Expected finish : 3 pm


Date : 17 Jan 16


Cost : 400


Includes Transportation from Panvel to Panvel, First aid kit.






Things to carry




1. Trek shoes


2. Winter protection as needed


3. Water ( 2 liters min each)


4. Regular medicines if any


5. Photo I'd proof in original


6. A pen at least 1 in a group


7. Some heavy n healthy snacks / lunch


8. Courage



contact: Nilam 9987927059


All the decisions on the trek by organizers will be mandatory for participants.


No consumption of tobacco, alcohol and any of banned substances by Govt of India are allowed to consume.


Participant will be disqualified if found misbehaving or not following the instructions given by organizers.


As trekking calls for physical and mental strength all participants should take consultation from doctor about fitness before going for treks.


Age bar: 18 + to 45 years max.


*Last 15 ft climb will be decided on spot based on whether condition, crowd and safety aspects only.


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