Region: Thane District
Height: 2815 ft.
Type: Hill Fort
Grade: Medium
Mode of Transport: Public Transport

Contribution for the trek: Rs.200 - 250 Aproximately
(This includes refreshments, breakfast and to and fro transport from Asangaon to Mahuli Village)

Brief details of the destination:

The known history of this fort dates back to 15th century when this place came under the rule of Nijamshahi.When nijamshahi dynasty was about to end, ShahajiRaje took control of it as a secretary of Nijamshahi and tried to protect it from Mughals and Adilshahi.He couldn't hold it back for a long had to surrender it.
Shivaji took this fort from Mughals on 8 Jan 1658. In 1661 it was given back and was won again by Shivrai. In treaty of Purandar, in 1665, Marathas lost these forts again. The Moghal sardar Manohardas Gaud was the in charge of this fort. He did much construction on the fort. In Feb 1670, Shivaji Maharaj tried to conquer Mahuli, but failed. Thousand of Marathas were killed by Moghals. It was a bad blow to Marathas. Even after this victory, Manohardas Gaud, the chief of the fort gave up his position and a new chief Alveerdi Beg was appointed. On 16 June 1670, after two months, Moropant Pingle conquered the forts and Mahuli, Bhandargad and Palasgad became part of Swarajya.


7.30 am: Reach Asangaon Station
(Train Timings :Mumbai CST - 5.13 am
Dadar - 5.31 am
Kurla - 5.42 am
Thane - 6.08 am
Dombivali - 6.30 am
Kalyan - 6.39 am
Asangaon - 7.23 am)
08.00 am: Reach Mahuli Village and breakfast
08.30 am: Start Ascending
11.00 am: Reach at the top and explore the fort
01.30 am: Lunch
02.30 am: Start Descending
05.30 am: Back to the base
06.00 am: Return back to asangaon station
(Schedule may vary depending on the situation and individual's pace at the trek)

Things to be carried:

• Your return ticket till Asangaon
• Lunch (Compulsory)
• Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc
• Water (2 ltr Minimum)
• Towel/Napkins, Extra pair of clothes
• Good footwear(preferably Shoes)
• Slippers or floaters (optional)
• Personal medicines. (if u require usually/Optional)
• Wind Cheater (Compulsory)
• 2-3 bunch of papers
• Other things as per your choice

* Drinking alcohol and smoking strictly not allowed.
* Please avoid wearing jeans which could trouble you while climbing, Prefer track pants.
* We do take utmost care of every member of the group during the event,but still each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage.
* The leader's decision will be final and binding on all.

For all your further queries and booking your seats, Please Contact,

Trek Leader - Akshada & Swapnil K (9769345484)
Trek Coordinator - Vikas (9768542519)


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