Gorakhgad Trek Details

 Trek               : Gorakhgad

Date               : 8th Sep 2013

Height            : 2137 feets

Assembly     : Kalyan St Stand

Region          : Malshej

Duration        : 1 Day

Cost App.      : Rs 400/-

About Gorakhgad:

Gorakhgad is a fort that can be done easily in a day from Mumbai. Though not famous for any historical events, Gorakhgad attracts trekkers due to its inviting pinnacles, which offer good opportunities for rock-climbing. This region of Gorakhgad and Machchindragad has a dense forest cover.

Fort Gorakhgad is quite small in size. It was had strategic importance during the reign of Shahaji Raje. However, no major battle is recorded to have taken place here. It was used in Shivaji’s era to patrol the nearby region and was used as a stopover station during the journey to Junnar via Naneghat. Though small in size, there is enough availability water and a lot of space for accommodation. The fort gets its name from Saint Gorakhnath, who performed his “Sadhana” in this place.

             Itinerary For Gorakhgad Trek

0645Hrs                    :           Report at Kalyan St Stand near enquiry counter

0715 - 0915Hrs        :           Travel Kalyan to Dehri by Bus & Jeep.

0915 - 1000Hrs        :           Reach Dehri Village. Breakfast at Dehri Village.

1000Hrs                    :           Start Trek toward Gorakhgad.

1230Hrs                    :           Reach On Top Of Gorakhgad . Lunch on Gorakhgad.

1500Hrs                    :           Start descending Gorakhgad .

1700Hrs                    :           Reach Dehri Village.

1730 - 1930Hrs        :           Travel Kalyan to Dehri by Jeep & Bus. Disperse at Kalyan

List of Items To Be Carry

  • Snugly fitting canvas shoes / Sports shoes
  • Ruck sack / Shoulder bag which can hold following items
  • Water Bottle (2 Liter Minimum) compulsory **
  • Cap
  • Torch with spare set of batteries
  • Note book, Pen, Sewing kit, shoes laces, Safety pins
  • Personal medical kit (personal medicines if any, prescribed by family Dr.).
  • Light weight towel.
  • Spare Cotton Track pant & T- shirts 1no each.
  • Carry lunch for the trek day. **


  • Please do not carry gold ornaments or any other valuables.
  • Please do not carry handbags or zolas for the trek.
  • Avoid Chapels / Slippers
  • Camera, Binocular is allowed at your own risk
  • For safety please follow the expert’s/ Instructors advice on trek.

Cost includes:  

  • Travelling Kalyan - Gorakhgad  - Kalyan
  • 1 Breakfast


IMP: - Please take return train ticket up to Kalyan.

For confirmation contact:

Rajesh Mhaddalkar: 09869629288 / 9768341848

Prashant Vanahalli: 9870969694 / 9833072241

Siddhesh M: 9969495771 / 9768341848

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