Let's spread love to the little kids this Valentine. These are Orphan Kids and they need your love and support more in time than in kind. Join us on Tattva's initiative of Smile & Pass it on this Sunday, 14th Feb 2016.

What is this event all about?
This event is about spending time with kids at Vatsalya Trust which is the center for Orphan Kids.

What is the age group of kids?
0-3 Yrs: 20 kids
4-12 yrs: 15 kids

What can I bring to the event?
You can bring any baby products like Huggies, Baby Soap, Lactogen, etc. Also rice, milk and some pulses would work. 

What to avoid?
Please do not bring old clothes and toys and too many chocolates. Some of the chocolates are fine.

Can we teach any art or games to these kids?
Yes, you can to the age group of 4-12 yrs.

Can I pay cash to Tattva for this event?
Sorry, we are not accepting cash for this event. You can pay online directly to the foundation if you are unable to come to the event.

What time do we meet up?
We meet up directly at the Trust at 04:30 PM Sunday, Feb 14th.

What is the address of the Trust?
Vatsalya Trust
Near Kanjur Marg Police Station, Kanjur Marg (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400042

Friends, if you are coming for the event, please give me a call so that I can make a note of it.

Shrikant Shenoy: 9870371280

Cya all there :)

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