Tattva Adventures invites you all for a free Photowalk and a meetup platform to share travel stories with like minded buddies at Sagar Upvan Botanical Garden on 19th March, 2016.
Sagar Upvan Botanical Garden is maintained by Bombay Port Trust and is one the cleanest and greenest garden in Mumbai. At Sagar Upvan one can find the sacred banyan, peepal, mango plants with some thorny cactus and some huge shade giving coconut trees surrounding you with cool fresh breeze here.
What is a Photowalk and this meetup all about?
The concept of Photowalk is simple - Hold a camera and walk around clicking pictures and in the meanwhile learn tips and tricks of Photography from other aspiring photographers.
This meetup is about photography and sharing your travel stories with other like minded buddies. We will be doing 'Share your Travel Story' session once we are done with the photography session.
Photography Session: 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM
Share your Travel Story Session: 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM
What pictures do i click at the photowalk?
Sagar Upvan is divided into sections of bamboos, figs, mangrove associates, flowering trees,palms,medicinal plants and has more than 300species of plants on this reclaimed land. There is even a small glass house.40 species of birds are noted. Aquatic birds species are attracted to adjacent water- front. Barn Owls and bats are sighted at dusk. So, you have plenty of options to shoot.
What are the charges for the event?
There are no registration charges for the event. Please pay for the entry charges to Garden which is Rs.2/- and Rs.10 for Camera.
What time do we meet up for the event?
We meet up directly at the venue at 04:00 PM which is at the entry gate for Sagar Upvan Garden.
Sagar Upvan, (Mumbai Port Trust Garden) near BEST Depot, Sassoon Docks, Colaba.
What type of camera will work for the event?
All types of camera, even your mobile camera will work.
**Please note that the cost for food and cold drinks if any will be shared by the participants.
Registrations are only through phone calls only
To Register Call
Shri : 9870 371 280
Jeet : 9220 975 649
Things To Be carried:
Camera - DSLR, Point and Shoot or cell phone camera.
Identity proof
Walking shoes are preferred but not a compulsion.
**Cover Photo Image sourced from internet and we don't claim any right over them.
No Smoking, tobacco and alcohol
Be a group - its not a race
NO littering please...we are educated :)
The leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.
Tattva Adventures
Jai Hind.
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