Arnala Fort
Grade – Very Easy
Arnala Fort is located approximately 8 miles North of Vasai. It is built on a small island off the Arnala port. Since the fort is built on an island and surrounded on all sides by water it is also known as “Jaldurg” or “Janjire Arnala” Portuguese called the island “Ilha das vacas”. Before the Portuguese control of the island, the island was controlled by the Muslim rulers of Gujarat.
The island is near the mouth of Vaitarna river and the Portuguese used it to observe and control shipping and navigation along the western coast. The Portuguese captain of Bassein donated the island to a Portuguese nobleman. The nobleman tore down the old fort and began construction of 700 foot by 700 foot fort. The fort was never completed by the nobleman but remained under Portuguese control. it remained under Portuguese control for two centuries, who used it to control shipping and navigation along the northern Konkan coast.
The Marathas controlled the fort until 1817 when, during the third British-Maratha war, despite successfully defending the fort, they were forced to surrender the fort to the British due to their superior naval power. The Arnala and Bassien forts were returned to the Marathas by the British in the treaty of Salabai, but the forts again changed hands under the treaty of Pune. Today the fort is in a state of disrepair.
We will be starting with the Fast Train from Churchgate to Virar (Time table given below)
Churchgate – Virar Fast Local
Churchgate – 06:37 am
Mumbai Central – 06:47 am
Dadar – 06:54 am
Bandra – 06;59 am
Andheri – 07:08 am
Borivali – 07:22 am
Virar – 08:02 am
Missing the train means missing the trek
Breakfast at Virar
Move to Arnala Village by Local Transport
Travel by Ferry till Arnala Island Fort.
Reach Arnala Fort by 9 am
Explore the Fort
Lunch Break
Return Back to Arnala Village by Ferry at 5 pm
Reach Virar Station by 6 pm
Reach Mumbai by 8 pm
The cost for the trek is Rs 350/- per head which includes
Travelling from Virar to Virar by Local Transport
Ferry Charges
Breakfast and Evening Refreshments
CALL - JD 7666 611 666
Things To Be carried:
Identity proof
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
A bottle of water (atleast 2 Ltrs) Compulsory
Medicine those if you require usually
Good trekking shoes, extra pair of floaters.
A haversack to put in all the things to be carried….so that one has ones hands free while trekking.
Pleases do not carry Jholas.
Please avoid wearing Jewelry
No Smoking, tobacco and alcohol
Be a group – its not a race
NO littering please…we are educated :)
The leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.
Note- Please understand this ain’t a picnic, all Trekking and Adventure activities demand fitness.
We request you to get a medical fitness check done before you participate in any such events. If suffering from any allergy carry proper medications and inform your
trek leaders about it. Also make sure you have a sufficient supply of medication for your trip, building in an allowance for any travel delay. Those with Active Chest
and Heart diseases that limit physical activity should not go to high altitudes.
Tattva adventures
Jai Hind.