Trek Mates India invites you Range Trek from Rajgad-Torna-Raigad on 26th-29th Jan'17(Starting on 25th night).



Key Information about the place Sinhagad-Rajgad-Torna-Raigad

Date :26th-29th Jan 17
Type: Hill Fort
Rajgad Fort
: 4182 feet
Torna Fort: 4200 feet

Raigad Fort: 4400 feet (Approx)

Base Village: Gunjavne – Velhe – Pachad
Difficulty Level: Medium
Endurance Level: Medium




The name describes the place itself. The king of all the forts.
It is to the south-west 40 Kms from Pune. It boasts the highest number of days stayed by Chhatrapati Shivaji on any fort. He spent almost 25/30 yrs here. Rajgad is famous for its construction.
The fort can be divided into four different parts based on geographical terrain and fortification. These are the three sub-plateaux (Machee) namely Padmavati Machee, Suvela Machee and Sanjevani Machee, and at the centre is the Ballekilla.



The fort is also known as prachandagad (huge fort), due to its massive size. In 1646, when Shivaji was 16, he launched his first military attack by capturing Torna fort, paving the way for the great empire. Many battles have been fought on this fort.
The fort is truly grand and stretches for couple of kilometers.



Raigad is a hill fort situated in the Mahad, Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. The Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built this fort and made his capital in 1674 when he was crowned King of a Maratha Kingdom which later developed into the Maratha Empire eventually covering much of western and central India. The fort, which rises 820 metres (2,700 ft) above sea level, is located in the Sahyadri mountain range. There are approximately 1737 steps leading to the fort, though today Raigad Ropeway, an aerial tramway, exists to reach the top of the fort in 10 minutes. The fort was looted and destroyed by the British after its capture in 1818.



Itinerary of the event:

Day 0: Wednesday, 25th Jan 17

Meeting Point Swarget Bus Stand at 11:30PM.
Further we will travel to Rajgad base by Private Transportation



Day 1: Thursday, 26th Jan 17

Start Trek by 3:00am, Reach Top by 5:00 am
Rest for Some Time.
Breakfast at 7:00am Post B/F explore the Fort.
Start our next Journey to Torna by 10:00am
Lunch Enroute
Reach Torana Top by 05:00pm, Explore The Fort
Dinner @ 9:00pm post dinner rest for the day.



Day 2: Friday, 27th Jan 17

Wake up @ 4:00am, will move to Bhatti Village
Breakfast @ 7:00am Post B/F move to Raigad Fort.
( Keep your excitement alive for the route of this particular stretch )
Lunch Enroute
Will reach village by 7:00pm
Dinner @ 08:00pm post dinner rest for the day



Day 3 : Saturday, 28th Jan 17

Wake up @ 5:00am, will move to Rajgad
Breakfast @ 7:00am
Lunch Enroute
Reach Rajgad @ 4:00pm Approx
Expolre the Fort
Dinner @ 09:00pm post dinner rest for the day.



Day 4: Sunday, 29th Jan 17

Wake up @ 08:am, Breakfast
Post Breakfast will Start descend by 9:00am
Reach base by 11:00am
Will reach Panvel Max by 2:00 pm



The Cost of the Trek is INR 3300/-












Things to Carry:

Identity proof (must)

A bottle of water (atleast 2 Ltrs),

Lunch for Day One

Plates , Spoon , Glass. (Must)

Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.

Towel, a napkin, Extra Pair of clothes

Camera, Cap, etc. (Optional)



Sleeping Bag or Proper Bedding

Medicine those if u require usually

A good trekking shoes, extra pair of socks

A haversack to put in all the things to be carried, so that one has ones hands free while trekking. Pleases do not carry sling bags or Jholas.

Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.




Travel expenditure from Pune to Panvel by Private Vehicles
2 Lunch (For Day 2 & 3), 3 Dinner (For Day 1, 2 & 3)
4 Breakfast, Refreshments (Tea / Coffee)
TMI Expertise and Guide Charges.




Mineral water, Softdrinks etc.
Anything other than above mentioned inclusions




Meeting Point Swarget Bus Stand at 11:30PM.




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