Hi friends,

We Swachhand have arranged a Trek to “Malang gad” on 18th March,2012

Duration: 18.03.2012 to 18.03.2012 (One Day Trek)

Meeting point : At Kalyan S.T. Bus Depot Near Inquiry counter At 07.30 am on Sunday 18th March,2012 (All are requested to please take Return ticket till Kalyan Station.)

Mode of Transport: PUBLIC TRANSPORT

Little About The Fort

Type : Hill forts  Fort Range : Matheran  District : Thane  Grade : Medium  Height : 3200 feet approx.

Shri Malang Gad is situated at a distance of approx 16 K.m. from Kalyan and at the border of Thane-Raigad districts. It  is known more for the Dargah of Malang Baba. The hill was abode of thirteenth century Sufi Saint named Haji Abdur Rehman Shah Malang, popularly known as ‘Haji Malang Baba’, which is halfway  up to the mountain.

Above the Dargah there is a much more hidden thrill for the trekkers, which one may not expect. Malang-Gad  serves an  Excellent trek for  trekkers  with its unique pinnacles made up  in volcano . Malangad is built on three levels. The lowest level is a plateau on which stands the Dargah of a Sufi saint - Haji Malang. At the other end of the plateau is the Panch Pir which lies almost at the edge of the rock and is named after the five pirs who accompanied Haji Malang. This plateaus is called Pir Machi. The next higher level is called the Sone Machi shaped like an elephant trunk as it is the lower part of the fort. The highest level is the Citadel which is around 200 yards long and this is the summit of the hill and has no fortifications. The water supply is from five cisterns at the top of the hill with a copper pipe to carry water to the lower levels. Reaching the balekilla requires you to cross around  14 feet gap, that is joined by two pieces of pipe. Though a little dangerous with exposed valley beneath you, it is absolutely worth doing it once! The way ahead is also narrow and tricky in some parts, but the view from the top and the satisfaction of having completed the trek is beyond awesome.

This fort was important fort in Konkan, Kalyan and Mumbai region as this was the last fort lying on boundary of Maratha Kingdom. After Thane started British rule. So all of the Peshwe rulers and Nana Phadanwis guarded this fort, so useful for keeping watch on Kalyan and Thane region. The fort was effectively useful for shortcut from Kalyan to Panvel, while Kalyan was one of the important trading markets in the region for centuries. Marathas fought the fort very rigorously till 1818. After end of Maratha Kingdom, British rulers destroyed the fort to avoid possible rising of Marathas again.

Things To be Carried Along with:

● Identity Card,  ● A haversack to put in all the things to be carried so that one has one hands free while walking  ● Some ready to eat food  ● Water bottle 02 Liters  ● Lunch for SUNDAY i.e. 18th March,2012- Compulsory [Options available as there are many hotels on the route ] ● Polythene bag for your garbage  ● Medicine those if u require usually ● Comfortable shoes, sandals  ● 2-3 bunch of News-papers  ● Camera – (Optional )

*** The cost for the trek is Rs 170/- per head

Includes Traveling through Local Transport from Kalyan to Kalyan

Tea Breakfast and evening refreshments during the Trek

Not included Anything not mentioned above • Personal orders of food & cold drinks

Important Note  for this Trek :-

a) Be careful of monkeys, do not show them food or valuables as they are known to open bags and/or snatch things from pockets and hands.

b) DO NOT take people afraid of heights or exposed cliffs as most of the trek to the balekilla is along such type of route.

For Details & Registration Contact our members at:

Pravin Ghude  9920404522,           Rushikesh Sakhare 9967686828,

Ganesh Bhopalgade 9619669104,    Sachin Shirawale    9321507040

Email: -,


General Rules for the participants and members:-

v Kindly carry Identity proof for the trek.

v Each participant shall carry things as per above (pls read Things to Carry) for every trek.

v The leader’s decision will be final and all the members should abide by it.

v Do not destroy or dirty the archeological, historical monuments.

v Any kind of addiction is strictly prohibited, ex. drinking etc.

v Please do not carry or wear any valuables, ornaments, jewellery etc. If carried, then we Do Not take any liability for the same.

v Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking or any adventure activity is potentially risky. For all these events you are at your own risk. Organizers are not responsible for any accident or compensation in whatsoever manner.

v We should strictly follow the code of conduct, to avoid troubling our fellow trekkers or other people from our group or outside


v Please read above rules and regulations.  You are bound by the same.

v Print and leave a copy of this mail at home with a friend or relative in case of Emergency.

v If your friends/relatives coming with you on the trek please do inform them about the trek Rules above. We all are going for an adventurous and interesting trekking expedition, please Do Not misinterpret it as a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR, There will be ample of enjoyment but not at the coast of discipline.

Thanks and Regards,

Team Swachhand