Yashwanti Adventures

Sky Observation

When we were child, our grand parents used to say that there is a sweet Rabbit lives on the moon .. Have you seen it?
Many questions rise in our mind when we see at sky…
Which colour sky has?... Which shape the stars have? ..
Are stars really broke? … When they goes after break up? …
Can I count all stars? Etc…

All these question have came in our mind when we were child…. We know all answers now BUT there are a lot of things in the sky which we do not know…. We have open a chance to get all things know to you.. Discover our galaxy with us….
Special guidance will be given by Khagol Mandal experts..

Date:- 19 May 2012 Place:- Vangani
Cost:- Rs. 175/- ( Rs. 125/- for school students below 18 years)

Contact :-  Santosh Gurav 9222922048
Bharat Mhadye 9773410917
Gaurav Bhave 9699814625

( If call not received then please sms ur name, age, gender, address)   

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