Every nature lover in Mumbai knows that when the monsoon arrives, the major attractions Mumbai offers are waterfalls. This time NEOMADS heading towards Siddhagad waterfall. Not just a normal waterfall, Siddhagad Waterfall near Murbad offer you anything and everything that you would want from the monsoons. Be it photography of the scenic beauty or forts, or the adventurous river crossing. Siddhagad Waterfalls are waterfalls in their purest state. Untouched by civilization, the waterfalls are in the very interiors of the hills, blowing down in full force, creating a heavenly mist around itself.

So get ready with your cameras and your gears and join the NEOMADS in this maddening experiencing that will blow your mind and leave you with a love for waterfalls you've never had !

Difficulty level : Easy

Cost : 500 rs. ( including transport from kalyan to Kalyan by bus or rikshaw + breakfast + refreshment )

Things to remember :
1) wear shoes with good grip
2) carry packed lunch
3) extra pair of cloth
4) camera optional.

Watch video of the Suddhagad waterfall at

Register yourself for this amazing experience. call on :
Siddhesh D : 9821244068
Sanjay M : 9833867989
Vivek M : 9892143260

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