COST: 300 per head.
Lohagad trek is one of the easiest treks ideal for beginners and the trek route to Lohagad is more of an easy hike that involves no climbing with stairs at the end of the trail leading to the fort. The only place one needs to be careful is at 'GaimukhKhind' where a wrong turn can get you to Visapur fort which is yet another fort in the region, larger and slightly taller than Lohagad fort. One can also continue the Lohagad trek to Pavananagar and visit the Pavana dam and lake.


This is a group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC located in Pune, near Lonavala, Maharashtra. The caves are 400 feet above the village of Bhaja. On an important ancient trade route running from the Arabian Sea eastward into the Deccan Plateau (the division between North India and South India). The inscriptions and the cave temple are protected as a National Monument, by the Archaeological Survey of India.
Karla Cave is the largest Hinayana Buddhist chaitya (temple) in India built during Satavahana's rule. Karla is the best example of rock-cut architecture, which is believed to carve out from a living rock. Some of its 2000 year-old wooden beams are still alive. It takes nearly 20 minutes to climb up the steep way of the Karla caves. There is a 45 meter (148-foot) long Chaitya, possibly the finest of its kind in the country. A temple has been built recently built at the entrance using pillars from the Budhist period.


Visapur fort is a hill fort built by BalajiVishwanath during 1713-1720 CE. BalajiVishwanath was first Peshwa of Maratha empire. Though Visapur fort is built much later than Lohagad fort, the two forts are closely linked as Visapur fort is fortified for protecting Lohagad fort. Both these forts are of Satwahan Era. Too keep watch on Konkan and BorGhat, these both forts were of great importance during Shivaji'speriod.The British invaded India in the early 1800's and Peshwa's fort came under attack, also known as the Maratha kingdom's treasury and occupying the trategic strength of Lohagad fort was the best move British took. It was occupied on 4 March, 1818 by a detachment of 800 native and 380 European soldiers along with artillery from Chakan and two other British battalions. With Visapur having the advantage of higher elevation, the British troops installed their canons there and bombarded Lohagad to make the Marathas flee.

Scheduled Date- 14th June 2015
District: Pune
Range: Lonavala
Height: 3400 feet
Grade: Easy
Duration: 1 day


1. Travelfrom Mumbai to Lonavala and then travel to Malawali by local train reach Malawali by 9 am.
2. Basic round of introduction and start walking towards Bhaje village reach village by 10 am.
3.Have morning breakfast and assemble by 10:30am.
4. Start ascend so as to reach Bhaje Caves by 11:15am and explore the caves.
5. Start ascend to Visapur fort and reach visapur fort by 1:00 pm explore the fort and have lunch.
6. Proceed towards Lohagad fort and reach Lohagad by 3:00 pm and explore the fort.
7. Start descend by 5:00 pm and reach base village by 6:00 pm.
8. Catch a train from malawali and reach lonavala
9.Catch train from lonavala and reach Mumbai by approximately 8:00 to 9:00pm.

Note-People travelling from Mumbai to Lonavala can catch Indrayani Express from
CST 5:40am or Dadar 5:50am and accordingly which reaches Lonavala station by 8:15am.
We need to immediately catch Local for Malawali from Lonavala at 8:25am.
(If people miss this local train there is no way you can catch up with the group as next
local train for malawali is at 10:10am from lonavala so make sure you reach lonavala
railway station by 8:10am max.)


Packed Lunch. Identity proof. A water bottle (Atleast 2 Ltrs), Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits, etc. Medicine those if u require usually (Optional) Good trekking shoes, A haversack to put in all the things to be carried. Windcheaters.
Avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments. In rainy season pack yr bags accordingly to save them from getting wet.

Payment details:
Cost of the Event would be 300 INR per head.
One needs to deposit the full amount as advance into the following bank account to confirm his/her registration.
Name-Sameer Bhosle
IFSC Code- HDFC0000501

Once payment is done , please send an email to with Transaction ID , Participant Name , Email ID , Cell Number or else SMS(NO What’s app) above details to any of the mobile numbers mentioning LOHAGAD TREK in block 9028278502/9594299141

a. What’s Included in Fees
- Morning breakfast and evening snacks
- First aid medical kits
-Trek expertise and basic safety equipment as and when needed.
b. Whats NOT included in Fees
-Travel from Mumbai—Lonavala--Malawali and back.
- Any kind of personal expenses
-Afternoon Lunch
-Anything not specifically mentioned under the head price Includes
9.Contact Details :
For any further inquiries reach out to us on
Sameer Bhosle 9028278502
Aniket Deshmukh 9594299141
If call is not picked up drop us a text message mentioning LOHAGAD Inquiry as the line and query. We will get back to you once we are free.

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