We At Sahyavihar Trekkers Invite You All For Thrilling Trek To Harishchandragad via Nalichi Vaat on 16th To 17th Nov,2013.(Leaving On 15th Nov 2013).

Some Information About Trek:-

Place:-Harishchandra Gad
height:- 4500 Feet Above MSL (Approx)
Grade:- Medium (7-8 Hrs Trek) Experience Required.
District:- Thane,Nagar & Pune.
Region:- Malshej
Base Village:- Belpada

Age Limit:- Above 15 years.

Some Info About Fort:-

Harishchandragad: The fort is quite ancient, considered to be from the medieval period. The Great sage Changdev (one who wrote the epic Tatvasaar), used to meditate here in 14th century. The caves are also from the same period. Harishchandragad was captured by the Marathas in 1747 from the Moguls.

Taramati: This is the topmost point on the fort. It is the second highest peak in Maharashtra after kalsubai. Leopards are seen in the forests beyond this peak. From here we can have a glimpse of the whole range of Naneghat and the forts near Murbad (This will be visited only if time permits.)

Konkan Kada: The most interesting point on this fort is this cliff, which has always fascinated many people from many years. The cliff faces west and looks down upon the Konkan with a breathtaking view of the surrounding region and sunset. This cliff is not just vertical; it is an overhang, almost like a cobra's hood.

Kedareshwar: The cave of Kedareshwar has a big Shivlinga, which is totally surrounded by water.

The detailed schedule is as follows...

Day 1, 15th November, 2013

Depending on everyones convenience:
We have to take a hike from SAVARNE village which takes a time of about 2 and half hours...
The last bus from kalyan towards SAVARNE is at 12:30 at night...keeping in mind the hike...we should take the bus by atleast 10:30 - we have to make sure that we get the bus as early as possible so we get ample rest after reaching BELPADA...

We will have some snacks (if required) at BELPADA which we have to carry individually...u can carry whatever u want...dinner or snacks...preferably have dinner before coming and carry snacks for belpada stay...but see to it that the baggage is disposable...

Day 2, 16th November, 2013

We start between 7:30 - 8:00...we will get breakfast from the village itself...probably pohe...and fill up our water bottles there itself...then its a trek of about 7 to 8 hrs which includes tough rock between we will have some snacks and fruits which have to be carried individually...preferably mosambi / apples / orange / kakdi (cucumber) / carrots...
We should reach KOKAN KADA by sunset...after which dinner arrangements will be made as discussed...

Day 3, 17th November, 2013

We wake up early to see sunrise from TARAMATI...we have breakfast made there...either maggi or pohe...

We start descending as early as possible from TOLARKHIND will take atleast 3 - 4 hours to reach Khireshwar...if bus is available early we will get bus from there itself...or we have to walk another 4 kms to reach
highway...from there as transport is available to KALYAN...

The charges for the trek will be Rs 800/- per head, which includes
Travelling from Kalyan to Kalyan by ST Bus / Jeep,
1 Lunch , 1 Dinner , 2 Breakfast and Tea.

Group Size - 20

1. Good footwear (Mandatory).
2. Good Torch With Extra Batteries (Mandatory).
3. Packed Lunch For Saturday.(Mandatory)
4. Extra Pair of cloths, Towel, napkin.
5. Water (3 ltr minimum).
6. Cap / Gog / Camera (optional).
7. Insect repellent cream/ sun protection cream (optional).
8. Slippers or floaters (just to relax your feet before & after the trek) (optional)
9. Personal small medical kit. (If u require usually/Optional)
10. Sleeping Mat Or Sleeping Bag for night stay.
11. Other things as per your choice.
12. Haversack to put all these things.

Important Instruction -

1. The Leader's decision will be final & binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained.
2. It is important for all participants to stay together in the group,
in the event of any deviation by the participant without the consent of the leader,
he/she/they will be considered as 'Independent/s' & will no longer be considered as a part of the group.
No refund of fees will be given in case the person is expelled from trek for above 3 reasons.
{Deviation: E.g.: Participant decides to go sightseeing on his own, decides to stay away from the group, decides to trek on route other than instructed by Leader, etc}
3. In the event of any Mishap, Leaders will not be responsible.
4. Each member will be responsible for his/her own safety & baggage.
5. Avoid wearing Gold or other ornaments.
6. Do not tease, argue, ask stupid questions, play prank on any villager, specially women, at the place of trek.
If you do so and get beaten-up by the villagers we will not interfere nor take responsibility for it.

If any one deviates and gets lost we will not be responsible.
Please remember trekking is not a picnic,its an adventure, hence do not take instructions casually, defying them may prove harmful.

Registrations are only through phone calls (Scraps, reply to this thread won’t be considered as confirmation)

If call not attended, then please send us a message "HG Trek Enquiry”. We will call you back once we are free.

Please call for more details & booking regarding the event.

Abhijit Tawde: - +919664088871
Ameya Lambhate:- +919892288225

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