Dear Friends.

Swachhand is planning to go for the One day Trek to “Ulhas Valley ” to experience the Cool adventure Dt. 01st May,2016 ( Sunday)

Duration:  Dt.01st May,2016 ( Sunday)

Meeting point: Meeting Point at Lonavala Rly Station (08:15 am near to Ticket Window)

Mode of Transport :   Local – Public Transport 

Interested People should reach at Thane station near platform no.1 (ticket counter) till 5.45 am, with a single journey ticket to Lonavala Station
OR     can directly meet at lonavala Rly Station (west) near ticket counter.

Mumbai people can board Indrayani Express and alight at Lonavala at 08:04 am
Pune People can board 06:30 am Pune-Lonavala Local and alight at Lonavala at 07:55 am

Train Time Table   

ForMumbaiPeople                                             For Pune People 

Indrayani Express                                              Pune - Lonavala Local  

Mumbai CST                        05.40                       Pune                           06.30
Dadar Central                     05.51                        Shivaji Nagar          06.36
Thane                                    06.14                        Pimpri                       06.58
Kalyan Junction                  06.35                        Dehu Road               07.07
Karjat Junction                   07.15                        Talegaon                   07.19
Khandala                              07.53                        Kamshet                   07.33
Lonavala                                08.00                        Lonawala                 07.55

Brief Introduction about Trek :

Ulhas Valley, also known as Canyon valley in Khandala.         Ulhas Valley comprises the area of Ulhas River. The area is filled with lush greenery and rich fauna. This trek is entirely through jungle. There are many rock patches to ascend and descend. The valley of the Ulhas river springs to life in the monsoon with hundreds of streams and waterfalls tumbling over the rich green mountainsides.
Its only and different of its own kind because on this trek when you start a trek you first Descend in the valley, and when you finish trek you climb up, kind of Opposite of regular treks where you first climb and then descend, all in all its fun because there is water everywhere, right from the beginning till you finish, and there is huge water fall down in the valley and river.

The tentative itinerary for the Trek is as given below:

Meeting Point: Meeting Point at Lonavala – 08:15 am near to Ticket Window

·         Tea & Breakfast at Lonavala

·         09.00 am Move towards Valley 

·         09.30 am Round of Introduction and Start Descending 

·         11.30 am at waterfall,

·         Upto 01.30 pm spending time to waterfall

·         02.00 pm Ascend, & back to Lonavala

·         We will be Reach Mumbai by 10.00 – 10.30 pm tentatively 

Things To be Carried Along with
 Identity Card,   A haversack to put in all the things to be carried so that one has one hands free while walking  Comfortable shoes, sandals  Extra Pair of Clothes, Towel/Napkins, Caps etc. Torch with Extra cells  Some ready to eat food   Water bottle 02 Liters (compulsory )     Lunch for Sunday i.e. 01ST MAY,2016   Medicine those if u require usually Polythene bag for your garbage  2-3 bunch of News-papers  Camera – Optional

***** Cost for Trek: Rs. 350/- Per person
Cost Inclusions:       * Lonavala to Lonavala Transportation via Public Transport 

                                         * Tea, Breakfast, Snacks, during the Trek, * Expertise charges

Cost Exclusions:             * Lunch for Sunday Dt.01ST May,2016

          * Personal orders of food & cold drinks


For More Details & Registration Contact our members at:

Rushikesh Sakhare          9967686828,  

Sachin Shirawale              9321507040  

Pravin Ghude                    9920404522

Email: -,

General Rules / Instructions for the participants whoever join the Trek:-

·         Kindly carry Identity proof for the trek.

·         Anyone above 16 years can join the Trek. All children under 18 years old must also be accompanied by an adult / Parents

·         Please book your seat (name) well in advance and reconfirm the time and date on the day of departure on phone because     program may change due to unavoidable circumstances.

·         Each participant shall carry things as per (Please read Things to Carry) for every trek.

·         The leader’s decision will be final and all the members should abide by it. Trek leaders have the authority to alter/modify the program/route without intimation.

·         The participants are advised not to wander off from the trail. Always listen to leaders for instructions and stay with the entire group throughout.

·         We all are committed to keep the trail clean and urges all participants to help the cause by not littering during the trek. Keep all the waste with you and even if you find some waste, collect it and deposit at the base village at the end of the trek. Do not destroy or dirty the archeological, historical monuments.

·         We should strictly follow the code of conduct, to avoid troubling our fellow trekkers or other people from our group or outside. 

·         Any kind of addiction is strictly prohibited, ex. Smoking, drinking etc.

·         Please do not carry or wear any valuables, ornaments, jewellery etc. If carried, then we Do Not take any liability for the same.


Safety is our prime concern and we don't make compromises for the same.

·         Please read above Instructions/ rules and regulations.  We all are bound by the same.

·         Print and leave a copy of this mail specially Telephone Nos. at home, with a friend or relative in case of Emergency.

·         People with heart conditions, knee problems, severe asthma or pregnant should not participate in TREKS.  Participants should inform the leaders if they suffer from any illness, heart ailments, blood pressure, asthma etc. If the leaders are not informed and any untoward incident takes place, neither the leaders not Swachhand Team will be held responsible.

·         Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking or any adventure activity is potentially risky. For all these events you are at your own risk. Organizers are not responsible for any mishaps/accidents during the program. Or any compensation in whatsoever manner.

·         If your friends/relatives coming with you on the trek please do inform them about the trek Rules above. We all are going for an adventurous and interesting trekking expedition, please Do Not misinterpret it as a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR, There will be ample of enjoyment but not at the cost of discipline.

Thanks and Regards,

Team Swachhand Bhramanti