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We @ शिखर वेध has planned two days Tour to Biggest Land Fort In Maharashtra Naldurg Fort and visits to Dhotri Fort, Solapur Fort, Siddheshwar Temple @ Solapur & Tuljabhavani Mata Temple @ Tuljapur on 5-6 September 2015

About Naldurg Fort
Naldurg which was formerly a district headquarter is situated about 50 Kms. south-east of Osmanabad. The fort which is an interesting place has enclosed a surface of a knoll or plantain of basalt rock which is jutted out into the valley or raving of the small river Bori. Along the rest of the cliff on three sides ran fortifications. bastion firmly built out have deseed basalt and are large enough to carry heavy guns. The entire circumference is about a mile and a half.
The interior portion is covered with ruined walls and a half, the interior portion is covered with ruined walls and a vide road running up to the centre.  The fort has many bastions amongst which are upli Buruj, which is the height point in the fort paranda Buruj , nagar Buruj, Sangam Burug, Sangram Buruj, Bands Buruj, poone Buruj, etc. Inside the fort there are remains of the walls and some of the building such a Barood kotha, Baradari, Ambarkhana, Rangaan mahal, Jali etc. Though the buildings are in ruins the remains give a impression that there night have been at one time the specious buildings. There are two tanks in the fort known as machali guns amongst which important are the “hathi toph” and magar Toph”, The hathi Darwaza and the hurmukh and the hurmukh darwaza are the main gates of the fort. The most interesting building which connects the fort and the Ranmandala is the dam constructed across the bori river, the dam and the” pani mahal, which is built underaatch and in the middle of the dam were, constructed. During the reign of Ibrahim Adil shah II. The fort is said to have been originally built by a Hindu Raja who was a vassal of the Chalukya kings of kalyani. It was latter included in the dominions of the Bahamanis and was subsequently taken over by the Adil shahi kings of bijapur, from whom it passed in the hands of mughalain the year 1686.A.D.


The route from Dhotri village circumambulates a huge bastion and takes us to the main entrance of the fort. The main doorway is 12 ft tall facing northwards. There are porches built inside the doorway and the fortification wall near the entrance has a terrace room. There is a rectangular open ground in the premises at the corner of which are remnants of the building. The walls of the fort and bastions are built using white soil, stone and bricks with the bastions and fort wall having narrow windows in it.

The wall towards the right has an eastwards facing entrance to the citadel. Moving ahead from this doorway one comes across a dried up step well to the right. There are four bastions to the fort and the bastion to the south has a spiral stairway leading to the top which gives a complete view of the fort and its structure. After descending the bastion one comes across a room built in the fortified wall with a semi circle shaped roof. Moving ahead parallel to the fort wall one can see the remnants of the structure on the way to the West bastion. Here there is a small doorway covered in bushes which takes us to the rectangular open ground with fort wall on all sides and two bastions on its two corners. There is a dried up well to the right.

Solapur Bhuikot Fort
Bhuikot Fort is the major attraction in Solapur region. This fort is not only the muslim fort but also it is ancient historical and religious place in Maharashtra.
It is said that this fort was built during 14th century under the Bahamani Dynasty, in the memory of Hutatma Bagh. As per the historians Aurangzeb have spent sometime on this fort. This fort was handed to Peshwa, Bajirao II also stayed on this fort. The temple built by Bahamani Sultan is the most historical and attractive places in the fort.
Itinerary for the Trek is as follows :
Day 1 : Friday ( 4th September 2015
21:15 hrs  : Departure by train towards Solapur ( SIDDHESHWAR EXP )
Day 2 : Saturday ( 5th September 2015)
06.30 hrs :  Reach at Solapur.
07.00 hrs :  Move to Naldurg Fort via Private Vehicle 
En-route we will visit DHOTRI FORT (GADHI)

Exploration for 1 hr

09:30 hrs : Breakfast - Tea Time
11.30 hrs : @ Naldurg Fort
Explore Naldurg Fort , LUNCH,
17.00 hrs :  Move to Tuljapur 
18:00 hrs : @ Tuljapur - hotel

Get Fresh and Free Time
20.00hrs : Dinner 
22.00hrs : Good Night
Day 3: Sunday (6th September 2015)
6.00am : Wake Up call 
7.30am : Tuljapur Bhavani Mata Temple Visit
8.30am : Breakfast 
9.00am : Move to Solapur
10.30am: Solapur Fort  
Explore Solapur Bhuikot Fort

13.00am : Lunch at Solapur

Visit Siddheshwar Temple
Free Time to enjoy Solapur City
19.00hrs : Travel to Mumbai. 
Day 4: Monday (7th September 2015)

05:00 Hrs : @ Mumbai

The Expenditure for the Trip is  Rs. 2600 /- per Head


This includes MUMBAI to SOLAPUR & Back SLeeper Coach (SL) class Train Journey ; Solapur to Solapur transport by private vehicle, 4 refreshments, 3 Veg Meals , accommodation in hotel and Entry fees


Please book in advance with payment of Rs. 1500/- (Non-refundable) … Deposit the amount on following account.


ICICI Bank A/c No.: - 026801521464
Vartak Nagar Branch, Thane (W)

IFSC Code : ICIC0000268


Seats r limited ...


Things To Carry:-
A Water Bottle (~2 Ltrs) (A must)
1 torch (a must) with spare batteries ( a must)
Rain-cheater (a must)
Camera, Cell Phone, Binoculars (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, biscuits etc.
Extra Pair of clothes,
Good trekking shoes preferably ACTION,
Personal basic medical kit (Containing an antiseptic, few bandages, personal medications if any, Antibiotics for stomach infection)
A haversack to put all these things
For confirmation, do call on below number

Jagdish Patil : 09702121373 / 09869369836
Ganesh Gajare : 7738374948 / 9833351478

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