Hello everyone,

On Saturday and sunday (27-28 july) I am going to Rajmachi. If any one is interested then he/she can join me. All food, accomodation and toilet facilities are arranged there. My general plan is,

1] Meeting point is SHIVAJINAGAR RAILWAY STATION @ 7.40 am

2] Travelling to Lonavala via 8.10 am Pune-Lonavala local

3] Tea and Breakfast

4] Start of trek towards Rajmachi's Udhewadi village around 10am

5] Lunch somewhere on the way towards Udhewadi (Mostly near that Waterfall )

6] Reach Rajmachi Village till 3.30

7] Tea and Some snacks 

8] Visit to Rajmachi Lake

9] Dinner

10] Next day getting up early to visit Rajmachi's 2 small forts

11] till 11 we should complete hike

12] Lunch at Rajmachi Village

13] Return Journey towards lonavla once again

I have planned to reach lonavala till 6 pm


##  People from Mumbai can also join me for this trek.

Suitable train for Mumbai people is INTERCITY EXPRESS

( CSTM@ 6.40, DADAR@ 6.50, THANE @ 7.10 )


**You have to carry one time tiffin for the lunch. Dinner (27 July) and Lunch (28 July) is arranged at Udhewadi Village. 


=> Compulsary things to carry,

1] One time lunch Tiffin is must**
2] Some ready to eat snacks may be useful
3] Extra Pair of dry clothes
4] Minimum 2 ltr of water**
5] Windcheater
6] Cap
7] Mobile phone, Camera and Other Valuables( at your own risk )
8] Good footwear, Please avoid Floaters and slippers.
9] Do wrap your valuables & extra pair of clothes in plastic bags
10] Blanket (not provided by us)
11] Torch


Contribution For this Trek is Rs 600 


** Contribution Includes: Breakfast, Tea, Dinner and Lunch Travelling fees, First Aid and Safety facilities

** Contribution do not include cold drinks, mineral water your private orders of tea and breakfast, meals etc


1] The things like Smoking and Drinking is not at all allowed if you want to join us for this Trek
2] You have to carry your own garbage and you are not allow to throw garbage in the nature
3] Please carry your luggage on your own. 
4] You have to carry your valuables at your own risk, We are not responsible if you lost your valuables



Ketan Limaye (8698002549, 9028989670)

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