Hey!! R U coming?

Astratech presents

on favorite Week end

We understand the importance of  time. So, to take the advantage of whole Saturday and Sunday, we start our journey on Friday evening and we will get back home for Sunday dinner.


we have made arrangements for most of things you need .. So you can be free ... coz you can carry your weapons like Camera, Mobile etc.

night stays at two Separate Locations

first night arrangements - in the jungle of Khandas and Second night arrangements – in core jungle. Yes! Darkness of the jungle gives a thrilling chill.

total SECURITY and SAFETY + dedicated Volunteers

with us dedicated volunteers  (Male and Female) who assist you in whole RainInTheJungle experience.  understanding the safety parameters,  some of our volunteers are natives of the jungle.
We are carrying FIRSTAID kit with us why you worry!

99.99 % risk FREE :))

Why you take risk? just follow the instructions to enjoy the experience.

we believe in “Eat and Fit”

all dinner and lunch will be VEG. However, Sat 26 dinner and camp fire has a full fledged Non-Veg provision without any extra cost.
Breakfast, Tea and Snacks will keep everybody in energetic mode.

30 guest ONLY

yes exactly! .  No one needs to make adjustments in jungle regarding confirmed services. To keep everybody fit and fresh, limited number of peoples only.

no single Extra Money

the contribution amount includes Thane to Thane traveling, food, lodging and boarding. No reason for extra expense !

keep nature Clean
we are very keen about nature cycle. As humans it is our moral responsibility to take care of nature and keep it clean.

2Nights 2Days In The Jungle

*Feel the Silence, Feel the Chill, Just Keep Nature Clean!

‎*Program schedule:

7:00 pm Thane Railway station (w) Journey Start 
First Night Stay in the jungle of khandas
Enjoy the flow
Roam in the jungle
Feel the silence
Camp fire
Green morning
dodge the dark
8:00 reach at Thane

No special barriers to attend ... just be an nature lovers

The qualification criteria are quite simple yet significant

· First and foremost – be humans by heart and character.
· Be physically fit to enjoy the experience.
· No age bar and sex bar
· Physical and mental maturity is an added virtue to carry along.

Come join the troupe. A pleasant change from the monotonous routine life awaits you !

Last date to submit amount: 22 Aug 2012
Rs. 3000/- per person (inclusive all expenses)

*What to carry? really nothing heavy, we dont want you to carry much things :-)

You are coming with your
rainy shoes
required dry cloths
tooth brush
two empty plastic cold drink bottles
1 non disposable plate
1 small bowl
1glass for water :-) and torch this All in one Haversack.

Optional: camera, mobile, wristwatch etc. please bring your valuable belongings on your own risk.
where, we always carry this things :)

Rain In The Jungle

complete experience

we have personally come across a lot of our friends who are in game to experience the thrill of trekking but they avoid this type of adventurous stints citing reasons such as office-work time schedule, wastage of time- money and physical energy in travelling, the strenuous tight trekking schedule, starvation during journey, no arrangements to take care of the most basic needs and last but most important part is the kind of company of companions accompanying. 

I just can say will have pleasant time to click and feel. 
You will enjoy the real fun, relaxation, thrill and peace with a talkative personalities who share their experience in the dark chill atmosphere.
We believe in easy communicational interaction. no corporate formalities.

We personaly cares . nobody feels
awkward! :-)

*Year 2nd : building the best peoples network
connect me here

Prashant Prabhulkar: 9820402534
Santosh Pednekar: 9833658698
Ruchir Naber: 9869710163
Nilesh Pednekar: 9664594855
Ravi Shimpi: 9619648324
Roshni Govekar: 8600099484

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