Ghatghar Plateau (Naneghat), Junnar, Pune


Camp Duration:

14TH November 2012, Wednesday from 23:00 to

17TH November 2012, Saturday from 22:00


Meeting Point: - Pritam Hotel, Dadar East (Near Railway Station) @ 23:00

Closing Point: - Pritam Hotel, Dadar East (Near Railway Station) @ 22:00


Pune Members to call our Pune Branch. Others can Join directly at Ghatghar.



Exposure to various adventure activities

Group learning and teamwork

Boosting self confidence through adventure activities

Fear removal and building confidence.

Building and enhancing team spirit

Building cordial relationship with fellow participants.




Introduction of Adventure Equipments

Adventure Activities (Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Tyrolean Travers, Jummaring).

Actual Treks (Jivdhan Fort + Naneghat Descend)

Knot tying exercises

Team Building Games and Activities

First Aid + Survival skill techniques.

Tent pitching activity



Camp Schedule:

Gathering at 12:00 at Meeting Point on 14TH November, 2012 and start Commuting to Ghatghar Plateau, Junnar (Pune) by Private Vehicle to reach there by 07:00 on 15TH November, 2012


Day FIRST (15TH November, 2012):

07:00 - Reaching Ghatghat, Junnar (Pune)

07:30 - Morning Refreshments, Tea, Breakfast and Rest

08:30 - Introduction, Orientation and Instructions

09:00 - Start Ascending to Jivdhan Fort

11:30 - Reaching Jivdhan Fort Atop & Sight Seeing

13:00 - Lunch & Rest

14:00 - Descending from Jivdhan Fort

16:30 - Reaching Naneghat & Catch our Vehicle & Back to Ghatghar

17:00 - Bath & Refreshments

18:00 - Tea & Snacks & Rest

19:00 - Indoor Entertaining Games and Activities viz. Trek Housie, Quiz Contest etc.

20:30 - Dinner

21:30 - Briefing about next day’s program

22:00 - Good Night


Day SECOND (16TH November, 2012):

06:30 - Good Morning & Morning Refreshments

07:00 - Tea, Breakfast

07:30 - Reaching Naneghat Caves

08:00 - Introduction to Trekking & Rock Climbing, Its Gears & their Correct Use

09:00 - Practical Sessions on Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Tyrolean Traverse & Jummaring

12:30 - Catch our Vehicle & Back to Ghatghar

13:00 - Lunch & Rest

14:30 - Outdoor Team Building Games & Activities viz. Air gun Shooting, Archery, Treasure Hunt Etc.

17:00 - Bath & Refreshments

18:00 - Tea & Snacks & Rest

19:00 - Few Important Tips on Trekking, First Aid and Survival

20:30 - Dinner

21:30 - Briefing about next day’s program

22:00 - Good Night


Day THIRD (17TH November, 2012):

06:30 - Good Morning & Morning Refreshments

07:00 - Tea, Breakfast

07:30 - Reaching Naneghat Caves

08:00 - Fast Review of our Previous Camp Program Learning & Brief Discussion

09:00 - Start Descending the Naneghat

12:30 - Reaching Naneghat Base Gate & Catch our Vehicle

13:00 - Lunch & Certificate Distribution

14:00 - Return Journey to Mumbai

18:00 - Reaching Mumbai & Bye Bye Take Care


The schedule above is flexible and produced to give an idea of the Camp.






Fees Include: Travelling (By Private Bus) Dadar to Dadar, 5 Teas & Breakfast/Snacks, 5 Meals, Stay in Tents/Village House, Expert Leaders during whole Camp, Equipment/Gears Charges, First Aid & Survival Aid (if required), Gifts to Helping Villagers


Meals served will be Vegetarian. Non Vegetarian meal will be provided, as per choice of the participant, depending upon the availability and days preferred by villagers.


Fees Excludes: Meals, anything that is not specifically mentioned in Fees include.


Participants from Pune, kindly call our Pune Branch Leader Anurag Vaiday - Mob.: 08308810194 . Participants from other locations can join us directly at Ghatghar and participate in the activity at Rs. 3000/- towards Fees.


Things Must to Carry:

A Good Backpack (which should carry all things, Avoid extra luggage)

2 Water Bottles (1Liter Each)

Good Trek/Sports Shoes + 2 Pair Socks (Avoid Jogging shoes or shoes with spikes)

Floaters (in a polythene Bag)


Full Sleeves T-Shirts, Full Cotton/Trek Pant (Avoid Jeans or Heavy Cloths)

Extra Pairs of clothes + Inner Wears + Bed Suit

Fleece Jacket / Pullover

Dry Snacks/Biscuits/Choco Bars/Dry Fruits to munch

Towel, Napkin, Toiletry Items (toothbrush, paste, soap etc.)

Sleeping Bag + Sleeping Mat / Proper Bedding

3 Big Polythene Bags (one to carry Used Cloths, other for Dry items and Extra)

Mobile + Charger

Torch + Fully Charged Batteries

Medium Dish + Spoon

Notepad + Pen

Identity Card

Personal Medication (if any)

Hobby kit e.g. Camera, etc.

Please avoid carrying Valuables

(All things above to carry at own risk)

[The total weight of the Backpack should not be more than 1/3RD of your own weight.]


Rules & Regulations

Every participant must carry all the things mentioned in ‘Things Must to Carry’. On failure of which the entry of that participant may be restricted without refunding the camp fees.

Every participant joining the camp must carry Camp Schedule. All are advised to handover its one copy at home.

The participants must follow the instructions and orders given by the Camp Leaders.

The participants will be divided into groups and they must follow the orders given by their group leaders.

All the participants are expected to stay friendly with each other during the camp.

No participant will go anywhere without permission of the Camp Leader during the camp.

Smoking and consuming Alcohol, Drugs, Gutkha, Paan Masala etc. strictly prohibited.

Nothing to leave at Trek Spot. Carry extra plastic bag for wrappers, waste, etc. Do not litter around trek spot.

Not to comment anything negative about any Historical Character, Buildings, Place, Villagers and their life etc.

No refund or transfer of fees shall be made in any case.

Please note that the mobile network may not be very strong in the certain area.

Camp organizers do not accept any liability for damage, loss, injury, accident, delay, breakdowns, irregularity which may occur or be occasioned by reason.

Strict action will be taken in case of any indiscipline reported against the participants in the camp.

Participants, who are allergic to anything, or suffering from any disease or illness, must inform the Camp Leader(s) before participating in the Camp.

Participation Certificates will be issued only for the purpose of self progress review by the participant and not for presenting anywhere else as merit card.

Participants will follow all rules, regulations and instructions given by the Club and its leader during and trek.

If at any stage you feel unwell immediately inform your Group Leader or Camp in charge.


Last Date of Registration: 10TH November, 2012


For Registration or More Details contact: -



UTKARSH ERANDKAR - +91-9930609990