Monsoon Trek To Rajmachi

Monsoon trek has been organized for all Nature lover to enjoy the monsoon season in the Lonavala range. 
The main aim for organising these camps is  to develop  interest , awareness  and love towards  nature & also to cultivate sporting and adventure activities among the participant.
During the trek the participants will be able to enjoy nature’s beauty, scenic water fall, dense forest  trail, breathtaking view from highest point and lot of  information about flora and fauna.  

Being a easy grade trek all AI employee along with there family, friends and  Children above 10 yrs of age are welcome to participate in the trek. 

                                                                                               Age group 10+ years

 24th Sep

 At 12.30 pm Report at CST/Dadar/Thane. 

 03.00 pm-  Reach Lonavala Station.

 03.30 pm- Departure from Lonavala to Rajmachi village in chartered Jeep.

 05.00 pm- Reach Rajmachi village.

 05.30 pm – Tea and snacks 

 0600 - Visit to village and Shiv temple.

 07.30 pm - Back to village.

 08.30 pm  - Dinner (Veg/ Non Veg )

 10.00 pm - Camp fire

 Lights off.


25th Sep

 06.00 am - wake up call. 

 07.00 am - Breakfast and tea.

 08.00 am - Trek to Shriverdhan fort.

 09.00 am - Reach top of the fort and enjoy the beautiful view from the top.

 11.00 am - Return to the village.

 12.00 am - Lunch at village (Veg).

 01.30 pm - Departure from Rajmachi village to Karjat stn by chartered Jeep.

 03.30 am - Reach at Karjat Station.

 04.00 pm - Board the train for journey towards Mumbai.


 Participation Fees- Rs. 1450/-


Fees inclusions- transportation charges (Rail,Jeep) , food(veg and non-veg),  accommodation at village and expertise and local guide charges. 

Limited Entries on first come first serve basis!


  •  Water bottle ( min.2 liter),
  •  snack as per your requirement.
  •  Rainy Shoes/sports shoes/PVC Shoes or floaters,
  •  pair of extra clothing ,
  •  One light bed sheet or sleeping bag.
  •  Mosquito Repellent Cream,
  •  Plastic bags (for garbage),
  •  Half or 3/4  pant not advisable,
  •  Raincoat,
  •  Fancy shoes or heel shoes not advisable,
  •  All the belongings to be packed in plastic bag and to be carried in Ruck Sack Only.

For further details- contact Kapil Jain : 8879366191




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