Pugmarks monsoon trek has been organized for all Nature lover to enjoy the monsoon season in the National park [Kanheri caves].

The main aim for organizing these camps is to develop interest, awareness and love for nature & also to cultivate sporting and adventure activities among the participant.

During the trek the participants will be able to enjoy nature’s beauty, scenic water fall, dense forest trail, breathtaking view from highest point and information from expert about flora and fauna of National park.


Being a Approx. 2 hrs trek from Kanheri Cave Jambul Mal point-1540 ft above sea level [The highest point in National park],  Children above 10 yrs of age only permitted to participate in the trek. 


Ø  0800 am – Reporting at NIC (Inside SGNP) Borivali - E

Ø  0830 am – Briefing and Departure in van to Kanheri Caves.

Ø  0845 am - Reach Kanheri Caves gate.

Ø  0900 am - 1030am – Gomukh Point [Enjoy flora fauna and the scenic beauty and top of caves.]

Ø  1130 am - Jambul Mal point-1540 ft above sea level [The highest point in National park]. Enjoy the Panoramic view from the top.

Ø  1330 pm - Reached at Kanheri caves gate (Enjoy Garam Garam Chai and Vada Pav). Departure for Nature centre in Van.


Ø  1400 pm – Reach Nature centre.


The Participation Fees Rs. 550/-

{The fees include, Permission & guide fees, Jambul mal entry fees, Kanheri caves fees, Internal Transport charges, Tea, Snacks and Pugmarks Escorts charges}

Limited Entries on first come first serve basis!


·         Water bottle ( min.2 liter), Carry Light Snacks * Rainy Shoes/sports shoes/PVC Shoes or floaters

·         One pair of extra clothing * Mosquito Repellent Cream.               

·         Plastic bags (for garbage) * Half or 3/4 pant NOT advisable.

·         Raincoat,                  

·         Fancy shoes or heel shoes NOT advisable

·         All belongings to be packed in plastic bag and to be carried in Ruck Sack Only.

Pugmarks Dadar Office: 022-24445938 / 8879366191 / 92

Trek Incharge: Mr. Prakash Kelshekar - 9869204041

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