"Proboscis Training & Adventures"
Venue : Old Malshej Ghat - Naneghat Ghat & surrounding trek
Duration : two nights, two days
Date : 1/1 August 2015
Leave Mumbai / Pune on Friday night by Chartered Bus
Grade : Easy to Moderate
Age limit : above 13 years

Schedule :

Day One : 31st July 2015 - Friday
Leave Mumbai at around 8:00 pm and Pune at 11 pm. by Private Bus.

Day Two : 1st August 2015 - Saturday
Reach Thitabi village near Savarne (base village of Malshej Ghat) at around 4 am.
2 hours rest
Fresh up
Trek will start at around 7:30. After 4/5 hours, we will reach Malshej Ghat top, near MTDC.
Roam the MTDC Valley
Lunch break
Proceed to Naneghat by vehicle
Reach Ghatghar
You can see Bhairavgad wall from Aadoshi village, Bhorandyacha dara (pass), Naneghat valley.
Tea break with light snacks.
After taking lunch, night stay at Ghatghar village. You can experience the warm 'camp fire' with your active participation. You can sing songs, play Antakshari or can conduct the activities you want.

Day Three : 2nd August 2015 - Sunday
Wake up at 6:00 am
Naneghat top
Return back to Naneghat Cave
Get down Naneghat valley
Reach Vaishakhare
Lunch break
proceed to Pune/Mumbai by bus

Please carry Pack Lunch for Saturday, torch (compulsory) with extra pair of cells, cap, 3 ltr of water, glass, bowl, plate, trekking or sports shoes or floaters, extra pair of socks, extra pair of clothing, sleeping bag or shawl, sleeping mat, slippers, napkin, snacks, raincoat or wind cheater and personal medical kit. Everything should be properly wrapped in polythene bags. Camera & cell phone should be wrapped in separate polythene bag.

Rules and instructions
Valuable articles are not permissible.
Keep the camp site clean & force others to do so.
Please note that this area is under the jurisdiction of Govt of Maharashtra, Forest Department and you are bind to it's rules and regulations.
Leaving your garbage (empty bisleri bottles also) on trek is not allowed. Bring extra polythene bags for your garbage.
Please avoid bringing valuables, jewellery or expensive things to camp. We accept no responsibility for anything that is misplaced.
Everyone has to follow the instructions of Camp In-charge & instructors
No shortcut in trek
You are coming on your own risk
Smoking and Drinking are not allowed.

Pl send mail to :,

Arun Sawant
Shantanu Savrekar 09966784111
"Proboscis Training & Adventures"