PARVAT BUDDIES: Night Trek & Camping atop KALSUBAI on 5-6th Dec 2015.


Hello Friends, we invite you all for the most-awaited trek of the winters!


Some Info about the place:

Kalsubai (1646m/5400ft) needs no introduction. We all have studied Geography in school and know that this is the highest peak in the state of Maharashtra. A temple dedicated to Kalsu-Devi is situated on top of the hill. Though not a difficult trek, it surely takes a good endurance and a patient mind to scale the “Everest of Maharashtra”. Reaching the top of this ‘Everest’ would not only give you an unmatched feeling of joy and confidence, but you would also be rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding valleys and hill ranges. Hence, a trek to Kalsubai definitely finds place in every trekkers’ ‘must-visit’ list.


So what we are going to do is climb up the mountain in the night so you can spend the cold winter night under the starry sky and also get to enjoy the sunrise from the highest point in Maharashtra. As we trek we will come across several villagers who are mainly farmers, shepherds and local devotees – it would be a nice experience to interact with them, hear their stories and know something about their way of life. Not only this, you’d also enjoy some delicious local food too. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? It can’t get any better than this! So what are you waiting for? Hurry, register yourself at the earliest.

Travel will be by local train / private vehicle.

Grade: Moderate.


Registration Process:

No. Of Seats: Max 20 participants. (First cum First Serve Basis)

Last Date for registrations & payment: 2nd Dec 2015 (Wednesday).

Cost: Rs. 1000/- (non-refundable) (includes Dinner on Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday, travel between Kasara and base village, trek guidance)


Registrations strictly by phone call only!


Your seat will be booked only when we receive complete participant details along with the confirmation (transaction id/screenshot) of the online payment. Please call on the below-mentioned number to know the Bank Details for Funds Transfer.


Merely clicking on ‘going’ will not be considered at all.


Tentative Trek Plan:


Assembly: At Kasara Railway Station @ 16:45 hrs sharp on 5th Dec 2015.

We'd be boarding the below train on Saturday afternoon. You may get in at your respective stations. Please take return tickets on your own.

CST-Kasara Fast local (showing select stations):

Mumbai CST   02:25 pm.

Dadar           02:38 pm.

Kurla            02:45 pm.

Ghatkopar     02:49 pm.

Thane           03:04 pm.

Kalyan          03:23 pm.

Asangaon      03:57 pm.

KASARA        04:34 PM.


** We won’t be waiting for latecomers! **

After meeting at Kasara Station, we shall start the journey for the base village BAARI.


1830-1930 hrs: Rest and Dinner in village.

1930-2300 hrs: Night Trek (We’d be crossing 3-4 ladders on the way. It’ll be absolute fun!)


Once atop, we set up our camp, relax, play games, and share stories of adventures or maybe just surrender to the peaceful lap of Mother Nature as she puts her children to sleep under the starry sky with her sweet songs.


Sunday, 6th Dec @ 0630 hrs: Wake up to a magnificent sunrise. Explore the mountain. Visit the temple. Click photographs. Capture the memories!

0800 hrs: Start descending. (Breakfast and tea on the way)

1100 hrs: Reach base, relax and freshen up.

1200-1300hrs: Have Lunch at villager’s home.

1400 hrs: Bid adieu to Baari and resume journey for Kasara.

1600 hrs: Take the next local train for home.


** Trek Ends **


Some Trek Rules:
Climbing the Mountain is definitely an enjoyable adventure, provided we all follow some discipline. One must follow these basic rules strictly so that the outing can be enjoyed in a safe way:

1] Mountains are a place of abundant natural beauty. Hence, it is our duty to keep the place free of garbage. So do not litter. One is expected to dump all wrappers/chewing gums/etc in his/her own bag. In fact it would not be a bad idea to clear any plastic wrapper/bottle lying on the trekking path. A separate pouch/plastic bag must be carried for this purpose.

2] Trekking is a healthy habit. So Smoking has to be strictly prohibited. Consumption of alcohol/drugs is also banned. Avoid spitting Paan/Gutkha. Who would want to have such addictions when the beauty of nature is itself intoxicating!

3] Care should be taken so as not to harm the natural surroundings including trees, plants and animals in any manner whatsoever. Even they feel the pain just as we humans do. Value Life!

4] Learn to detach yourself from the city life and be one with Nature. Don't disturb the peaceful environment of the hills by making unnecessary noises or playing loud music - the birds and animals might get scared/provoked. Instead Listen to the call of the Mountain - Listen To Your HeartBeat

5] Most of the hills and valleys are an integral part of our history. It is a treasure, which we are duty bound to preserve for our future generations. Therefore, defacing/damaging historical monuments/temples and indulging in Graffiti is strongly discouraged.

6] Respect the local people and villagers. They are kind and helpful. While on the trekking path, always make way for the villagers first. It is quite a humbling experience to know about hardships faced by the villagers living in different parts of the Sahyadri Mountains. Even then, most of the villagers will host you gracefully when you happen to visit their small homes.

7] Apart from the general fun and sense of adventure that Trekking provides, it is also aimed at increasing self-confidence, build unity among participants and create long lasting friendships. Hence, while trekking, it is very important to be a Team that stays united throughout.


Things you should carry (COMPULSORY):

1) Identity Proof.

2) Double shouldered bag.

3) TREKKING SHOES (must be in good condition) Carry extra socks and laces.

4) WATER (at least 3-4 litres)

5) Wear Full length track-pants & full sleeves Shirt (to protect oneself from insects, thorns, cold and sunburn)

6) SWEATER & Woolens (It is going to be cold at the top. Add to it the blowing winds and you have a perfect winter chill) (Very Imp)

7) TORCH / HEADLAMP with extra batteries. (Very Imp)

8) SLEEPING BAG and Carry mat (Very Imp)

9) Cap / Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen.

10) Dry Snacks, Chocolate bars, FRUITS etc

11) Small plastic bag to dump wrappers etc.

12) Extra pair of clothes/flip-flops to put on after the trek is over.

13) Newspaper


Optional (recommended):

• Trekking pole.

• Camera.

• Umbrella.

• Personal Medicines.


It is important to have a basic level of physical fitness to ensure a happy time during the trek.

Avoid Jeans, belts, sling bags as it is important to walk freely while trekking.

Shorts, 3/4ths and sleeveless tops are strictly NOT allowed.

Avoid bringing costly gadgets/devices and valuables like jewellery etc. Carry only sufficient cash.

Try to keep the weight of your bag as less as possible.

Wrap your belongings in plastic to protect them from dust and/or rains.

Lastly, leave a brief note about your trekking plan at home.

We hope you don’t miss this amazing opportunity. So come, let’s enjoy nature together. Be there to experience it yourself!


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Parin H Shah (9869173138)


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Disclaimer: While utmost care will be taken by the organisers, all participants shall be responsible for their own safety and belongings. Organisers will not be responsible for any injury, casualty or any other untoward incident. Decision of the trek leader shall be final and binding on all participants.